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OUS Data Warehouse

Budget Mart (BUDMART)

The Budget Mart has data and functions that have been tailored for very specific needs. It is designed primarily for preparation of reports to the State Board or Higher Education, DAS, the legislature and for ad hoc use by Budget Directors at OUS institutions. It’s defined and managed by Budget And Management of the Chancellor’s Office in coordination with Budget Representatives from each campus.

Budget Mart features include:

  • Provide a basis for reporting accurate and consistent:
    • FTE (budget and current)
    • Salary (budget, current and projections)
    • Labor Distributions
    • Filled and Vacant position data
    • Actual vs. Projected payroll expenses
  • Match PICS calculations for pay adjustment and roll up costs for the biennial budget process
  • Provide many budget related reports, ready to be refreshed with the latest status
  • Project and report Future Salary Costs (based on a snapshot of selected HR data)

Budget Mart data is based on reportable Job and Position data extracted from an HR Data Store. Snapshots of this HR data, as of the end of each month, are kept in the Budget Mart.

Budget Data Mart Documentation

User Guide
(.PDF file)
Web User Guide
(.PDF file)

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