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OSU Data Warehouse

SIS DW Cooperative Learning Group

This is a hands-on content-based group designed for current Student Data Warehouse users to expand their knowledge of how to get the information they need from OSU's SIS Data Warehouse. This includes working toward a better understanding of the data available, practice building and modifying queries and reports, tips on using the data warehouse software, and techniques for massaging the data into useful information.

The co-leaders of this Cooperative Learning Group are Joy Bautz and Carla Simonson.

For more information about what a Cooperative Learning Group (CLG) is, and for a list of what other groups exist, please visit OSU Cooperative Learning Groups.

Note: To access these handouts, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your machine.

Date Meeting Notes / Step-by-Step Instructions
05/30/06 Grad Lists - Honors
05/22/06 Super Queries - Student Info
05/22/06 Edit a Super Query
04/19/06 Sharing Queries
04/19/06 Making a Button
04/19/06 Create a PDF File From a Standard BI Query Report
03/15/06 From Button to Excel Automatically
03/15/06 Three Ways to Export Data to Excel
03/01/06 Combine Data Warehouse and Banner Reports
01/18/06 Current Students
01/18/06 Dual Admits - Partner School Info
01/18/06 Major List Prompts
05/18/05 Grad List
01/26/04 Export Directory Email Addresses
12/30/03 Data Warehouse/Microsoft Office Merge
10/24/03 AR Query
06/03/02 Report Formatting in BI Query
06/03/02 Create a Desktop Shortcut to Your Model
02/12/02 Super Queries
02/13/01 Schedule of Classes
05/02/00 START Queries
04/17/00 Create a Button
03/07/00 Student Advising Worksheet / Trascrips
12/08/99 Class List

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