Appworx Job Submission (WDT)

This Web Delivered Tutorial (WDT) is designed to present a series of topics and related materials used to understand basic navigation in the Appworx Job Submission software.

Version 8 Changes ...
If you have been using version 7.1, there are some visual and naming changes in version 8. Click the PDF icon to the right for the document describing those differences.

The information offered in the topics include a link into the PDF training document and interactive exercises demonstrating setup and use of the software.

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Getting Started
This topic demonstrates the places to access the Appworx software, and leads you through the logon process of each access point. It also demonstrates initial application settings.
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Submitting a Job
This topic introduces you to the various windows of the software as it leads you through a job submission process. It also demonstrates how to access job reports after the run.
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Searching for a Job
This topic leads you through a search by job name. It demonstrates the search function and it's impact on the Application groupings. It also gives information on the History pane.
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Releasing an Aborted Job
This topic leads you through the abort resolution process. It demonstrates how to find run logs for aborted jobs, and how to delete an aborted Process Flow.
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Resubmitting Jobs
This topic leads you through running filters to find a previous job to in order to re-run the job. It also demonstrates how to build and save filters for future job submissions.
Other Things to Know ...
There is some additional information at the end of the Reference document, just click the PDF icon to the right. It offers help concerning: viewing the Job Queue, file handling (emailed PDF & .LIS files), and the new file download to Banner process using GYALOAD.
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