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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2006 Annual Report

Fungicide Influence on Verticillium Wilt and Subsequent Rhizome Infection/Infestation by Verticillium Dahliae
Novel Carriers for Potato seedpiece Fungicides
James, Steven
Development of a Management System for Sod Webworm in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon, 2006
Novaluron Evaluation for Lygus Bug Control in Seed Carrots
Jefferson County Smoke Management Pilot Balloon Observations, 2006
Chickpea Variety Trial Yield and Composition, 2006
Spring Canola and Mustard Variety Trial, 2006
Duggan, Brian
Seeding Rate Effect on Four-Cut Alfalfa Forage Production
alfalfa, forage, yield
Seeding Rate Effect on Irrigated Three-Cut Alfalfa Forage Production
alfalfa, forage, yield
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