Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Ventenata (Ventenata dubia) Control in Rangelands for Central Oregon with Fall Applications
Volunteer Wheat Control in Newly Seeded Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed
Weed Control Programs in Mint Based on Spring Applied Herbicides to Minimize Rotational Restrictions
Whitetop (Cardaria draba) Control with Aminopyralid Tank Mixes
Protection of Seedling Carrot from Frost Heaving
carrot, seed carrot
Timing Effect of ManKocide Application on Bacterial Blight on Carrot Seed, 2008
Evaluation of Ethofumesate (Norton) and Asulam (Asulox) for Weed Control in Carrot Grown for Seed
Affeldt, Rich
Quantifying Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-Applied Fertilizers in Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed, 2011
Quantifying Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-applied Fertilizers in Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed
Kentucky Bluegrass Variety Evaluation Under Nonthermal Residue Management
Affeldt, Rich
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