Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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2012 Central Oregon Alfalfa Variety Trial
Alkali Grass Removal Program
Canada Thistle Control with Herbicides Containing Aminocyclopyrachlor
COARC Research Garden and Learning Center, 2012
Control of Clover Mite and Winter Grain Mite in Orchardgrass Hay fields and Pasture, 2009
Creeping Bentgrass Seed Head Reduction
Desiccant Study in Kentucky Bluegrass for Seed for Dry Down Following Harvest in Preparation for Open Field Burning, 2012
Diffuse knapweed Control with Herbicides Containing Aminocyclopyrachlor
Evaluate Actigard and Bactericides for Suppression of Xanthomonas in Carrot Seed Crops
Evaluate Application of Diallyl Disulfide During a Cover Crop for Management of Allium White Rot
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