Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Creeping Bentgrass Seed Head Reduction
Desiccant Study in Kentucky Bluegrass for Seed for Dry Down Following Harvest in Preparation for Open Field Burning, 2012
Diffuse knapweed Control with Herbicides Containing Aminocyclopyrachlor
Evaluate Actigard and Bactericides for Suppression of Xanthomonas in Carrot Seed Crops
Evaluate Application of Diallyl Disulfide During a Cover Crop for Management of Allium White Rot
Evaluate Site-Specific Flaming for the Management of Verticillium Wilt in Peppermint
Wu, Bo-Ming
Evaluation of Coragen® and Avaunt® Insecticides for Control of Mint Root Borer in Central Oregon
Evaluation of Insecticides for Spring Aphid Control in Carrots Grown for Hybrid Seed, 2012
Impact of Herbicide Applications for Exotic Annual Grass Control on Fuel Load Production
Influence of Nitrogen Source on Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Yield in Central Oregon, 2012
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