Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 1951 Annual Report

Cereal Grain Adaptation Trials
cereal, grain, wheat, yield
Potato Fertility Experiment
fertility, potato, variety
Johnson, Malcolm
Clover Fertility Section
clover, fertilizer, forage, yield
Johnson, Malcolm
Irrigated Forage Nurseries
alfalfa, forage, grass, yield
Johnson, Malcolm
Dryland Forage Nurseries
alfalfa, dryland, forage, grass
Johnson, Malcolm
Timing Effect of ManKocide Application on Bacterial Blight on Carrot Seed, 2008
Evaluating Actigard® for Controlling Xanthomonas Blight in Carrot Seed Crops
Effects of Weather Conditions on Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass in Central Oregon
Quantifying Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-Applied Fertilizers in Kentucky Bluegrass Grown for Seed, 2011
Evaluation of Palisade® on Fifteen Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties Grown for Seed under Non-Thermal Residue Management in Central Oregon, 2011
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