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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2007 Annual Report

Control of Winter Grain Mite Infesting Timothy
Notes on and Control of the Clover Mite, Bryobia praetiosa Koch, Infesting Orchardgrass in Central Oregon
Weed Control in Grass/Alfalfa Mixed Hay
Sensory Evaluation of Advanced Specialty Potato Selection
Sensitivity of Potato Selection AO96160-3 to Metribuzin
James, Steven
Herbicide Efficacy and Residue Persistence in Peppermint Grown for Tea Leaves
Affeldt, Rich
Winter Canola Variety Trial, 2007
Duggan, Brian
Spring Canola Variety Trial, 2007
Duggan, Brian
Canola Growth Inhibitor Trial, 2007
Duggan, Brian
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