Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Reports

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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2008 Annual Report

Chemical Control of Clover Mite in Orchardgrass
Evaluation of Pendimethalin (Prowl) Tank-Mixes on Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Affeldt, Rich
Potato Variety Development---2008 Progress Report
Weed Control in Sugarbeet Grown for Seed
Strategy for Restoring Central Oregon Rangeland from Medusahead to a Sustainable Bunchgrass Environment, 2007-2008

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2007 Annual Report

Evaluation of Improved Control of Bacterial Blight of Carrot with Early Season Copper Bactericides, 2006-2007
Repeated Irrigation of Low Amounts of Germination Stimulants for Reduction of Sclerotia of Sclerotium cepivorum
Sampling and Damage Assessment of Pratylenchus Nematodes Associated with Wheat-Carrot Seed Crop Rotations in Central Oregon
nematode, seed carrot, wheat
Carrot Tolerance to Pendimethalin and Oxyfluorfen
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