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Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2005 Annual Report

Evaluation of Lorox on Parsley Grown for Seed in Central Oregon, 2005
Comparison of Two Soil Moisture Sensors in Drip-irrigated Seed Carrots, 2005
Control of Roundup Ready Creeping Bentgrass and Roughstalk Bluegrass in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon, 2004-2005
Evaluation of Laredo to Control Powdery Mildew on Seed Carrots Grown in Central Oregon, 2005
Jefferson County Smoke Management Pilot Balloon Observations, 2005
Correlation of Fall and Spring Stripe Rust Levels in Kentucky Bluegrass for Seed in Central Oregon, 2004-2005

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2004 Annual Report

Outbreak of Iris Yellow Spot Virus in Onion Seed Crops in Central Oregon
Crowe, Fred & Pappu, H. R.
Efficacy of Copper and Chlorine Products for Control of Xanthomonas Campestris by Carotae on Carrots
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