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Hybrid European Nantes carrot seed production can be challenging for growers as yields can be unreliable. Demand for boron (B) in many crops is greatly elevated during flowering and seed set even when B in the plant leaves are in the “adequate” range for that crop. Several studies have found that foliar B applications can increase fruit set and yield (Nyomora et al,. 1999; Perica et al., 2001; Asad et al., 2003). Research conducted on alfalfa seed found that foliar B applications increased seed yield even though B concentrations in the plants and soil were considered adequate for alfalfa forage production (Dordas, 2006). The objective of this research project was to determine what effect foliar B application and application timing had on hybrid carrot seed production.

Foliar Boron Fertilizer Application and Timing in Hybrid Carrot Seed Production

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2009 Annual Report

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