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Oregon State University

K12 Outreach Events

CASA Latina de OSU works closely with many student organizations on cmapus to develop learning opportunities for students in grades K-12.  This years events include but are not limited to:

  • Tillamook High School girls group “Las Chikas” will visit OSU March 11th, 2011. There will be approximately 25-30 Latina high school girls. The students will have a tour of the school, a student panel, some interactive activities and a presentation on the importance of higher education.
  • Si Se Puede will take place April 11th, 2011. In the past we have held this community event at various locations that have identifiable Latino populations who have shown an interest in OSU (Salem, Hillsboro, McMinville and Springfield), this year it will be in Salem Information on OSU and the importance of higher education will be presented in Spanish. Present at the event are most colleges and departments. Students and families have the opportunity to meet other OSU students, faculty and staff to ask important question relating to their future at OSU. This event is a campus-wide effort.
  • “The Sky’s the limit”. Hillsboro middle school students, 4 boys and 2 girls will come to OSU March 1st, 2011. The students will get a tour of the campus, a tour of the dorms, a chance to meet the M.E.C.H.A Club and other student organizations.
  • 25-30 Latino students from Salem will be visiting in the month of April. Students will participate in several events throughout the day including listening to student and faculty panels, an Admissions and UHDS presentation, a tour of campus and a visit to the wave lab or vet school.`
  • Lincoln Elementary 4th and 5th grade (100 students) visit to OSU. There will be approximately 100 students attending. The collaboration will be between Precollege Programs, CASA Latina de OSU, Kalmekak Community Outreach and UHDS.