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Ceanothus subg. Ceanothus Weberbauer Nat. Pflanzenfam. 3(5): 414. 1896 Ceanothus sect. Euceanothus A. P. De Condolle Prodromus systematis regni vegetabilis, Part II, pp. 29-33, Paris 1825. Weberbauer Nat. Pflanzenfam. 3(5): 413--414. 1896 also recognized sect. Americani (Americanae), sect. incani (Incanae), sect. Sorediati (Sorediatae), sect. Thyrsiflori (Thyrsiflorae), sect Integerrimi (Integerrimae), sect. Microphylli (Microphyllae) Apparently valid.

Leaves alternate, evergreen or deciduous, usually thin, stipules thin, deciduous, bases 1 or 3-veined, stomata on abaxial leaf blade surfaces, not in cavities; fruits without horns, intermediate valve crests present or not; inflorescences raceme- or panicle-like arrangements of umbel-like clusters.

Key to the species of Ceanothus subg. Ceanothus

1. Twigs spinescent - 2.

1. Twigs flexible or rigid, but not spinescent - 6.

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