Ceanothus sanguineus

F. T. Pursh Fl. Amer. sept. 1: 167. 1814

redstem ceanothus

Ceanothus oreganus T. Nuttall ex J. Torrey & A. Gray


Habit: Shrubs to 3 m.

Stems: erect, not rooting at nodes; twigs greenish, round, smooth, glabrous, rigid.

Leaves: deciduous, alternate; not clustered; stipules thin, deciduous; petioles 6--25 mm; blades ovate to ovate-elliptical, broadly elliptical or obovate, 2.5--11.0 x 1.7--5.8 cm, bases rounded or subcordate, 3-veined, margins not revolute, glandular-serrulate, tips acute to obtuse, abaxially pale green, usually hairy, especially on veins, adaxially green, +/- glabrous, plane.

Inflorescences: axillary, panicle-like, 5.0--10.0 cm.

Flowers: cream-white.

Fruits: obovoid, +/- 4 mm broad, smooth to roughened, horns 0; valves minutely crested or none.


Flowering: in summer.

Habitat: dry forest floor; below 1200 m.

Range: B.C., Sask.; Calif., Idaho, Mont., Mich. Oreg., Wash. View Distribution Map.

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