Ceanothus prostratus

G. Bentham, Pl. hartw. 302. 1848

Mahala mats

Ceanothus prostratus G. Bentham var. laxus W. L. Jepson; Ceanothus prostratus G. Bentham var.occidentalis H. E. McMinn


Habit: Shrubs to 15 cm.

Stems: prostrate, may root at nodes; twigs red-brown, round, smooth, +/- sparsely pubescent, rigid.

Leaves: evergreen, opposite; not clustered; stipules thickened, persistent; petioles 1--3 mm; blades oblanceolate to obovate, 0.6--3.2 x 0.3--1.6 cm, bases cuneate, 1-veined, margins not revolute, variously 3--9-toothed above middle or at apex, tips obtuse, abaxially light green, veins usually pubescent, canescent between, adaxially bright, dark green, +/- glabrous, plane to slightly troughed.

Inflorescences: axillary, umbel-like, 0.7--2.0 cm.

Flowers: light to deep blue, lavender, or purple.

Fruits: subglobose, 5--6 (16) mm broad, smooth, horns erect or spreading, wrinkled or not; valve crests prominent or not.

Cytology: n = 12 [M. Nobs in H. McMinn 1942]

Flowering: spring to early summer.

Habitat: Open flats, coniferous forest; 900-2200 m.

Range: Calif. (KR, NCoRI, NCoRH, CaRH, n&c SNH, MP), w Nev., Oreg., Wash. View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

The several varieties that have been recognized need further study using modern techniques. Brief descriptions follow: C. prostratus G. Benthham var. laxus. Shrubs with leaves usually less crowded; margins usually with more than 7 teeth, Fruits when mature and dry 6--16 mm broad, usually with prominent wrinkled horns; valve crests prominent a nd wrinkled. [H. E. McMinn 1942] Calif. Cascade Range High, Modoc Plateau, Oreg., Wash.. Ceanothus prostratus G. Benthham var. occidentalis H. McMinn. Shrubs with leaf blades usually cune ate-spatulate, margins with sharper and more spinulose teeth, abaxially often undulate and slightly troughed. Fruits, mature and dry, ca. 5 mm broad., horns often laterally spreading, not prominent or wrinkled; valve crests not prominent or wrinkled. [H. E. McMinn 1942] Calif. North Coast Range.

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