Ceanothus otayensis

H. E. McMinn, Ceanothus 2:273-4 1942

Otay Mountain Ceanothus

C. Xotayensis H.E. McMinn


Habit: Shrub to 1.2 m.

Stems: erect, not rooting at nodes; twigs grayish, round, smooth, tomentose, rigid.

Leaves: evergreen, opposite; not clustered; stipules thickened, persistent; petioles 0--2 mm; blades broadly oval,0.5--1.3 x 0.4--1.0 cm, bases cuneate, 1-veined, margins revolute, usually undulate, 3--7 toothed usually above middle, tips truncate, frequently tipped with a tooth, abaxially white to rusty-tomentose, adaxially dull green, tomentose, plane.

Inflorescences: terminal, spike of few-flowered umbels, to 1.8 cm.

Flowers: white to pale blue (with pinkish cast?)

Fruits: globular, 5 mm broad, smooth, horns minute or 0, ridges 0.


Flowering: in early spring

Habitat: dry slopes, chaparral, 600-1100 m.

Range: Calif. [Otay and San Miguel Mts, San Diego Co.]; Mexico, n. Baja California. View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

H.E. McMinn (1942) recognized this entity as intermediate between C. greggii var. perplexans and C. crassifolius and called it C.X otayensis. Since then others, [R. M. Beauchamp 1986] and R. Moran (personal communication), have recognized its species status. The putative parents are not nearby and the species also ranges into Baja California, Mexico.

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