Ceanothus masonii

H. McMinn, Madrono 6: 171. 1942

Bolinas ceanothus


Habit: Shrubs 0.6--2 m.

Stems: erect-spreading to erect, not rooting at nodes; twigs dark, round, smooth, puberulent, rigid.

Leaves: evergreen, opposite; not clustered; stipules thickened, persistent; petioles 1--2 mm; blades broadly elliptical to oval or nearly round, 0.6--1.8 x 0.5--1.3 cm, bases obtuse to rounded, 1-veined, margins not revolute, dentate, teeth short, numerous, tips obtuse to slightly notched, abaxially hairy on veins, microscopically canescent between, adaxially dark green, glabrous, plane.

Inflorescences: axillary, umbel-like, to 2.5 cm.

Flowers: deep blue to purple.

Fruits: globose, +/- 3.5 mm broad, smooth, horns minute, near top; valve crests 0.

Cytology: n = 12 (M.A. Nobs, 1963)

Flowering: in spring;

Habitat: chaparral, dry, rocky, serpentine slopes. < 500 m

Range: Calif. [SnFrB, (Bolinas Ridge, sw Marin co.)] RARE . View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

Known from about five sites. Some thought that it is a variety of C. gloriosus. California Native Plant Society List: 1B R-E-D Code: 3-2-3 State/FEd. Status: CR/C2

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