Ceanothus leucodermis

E. L. Greene, Kew Bull. 15. 1895

chaparral whitethorn


Habit: Shrub 1.5--4 m tall.

Stems: erect, not rooting at nodes; twigs light green to gray, round, smooth, glabrous, spinescent.

Leaves: evergreen, alternate, not clustered; stipules thin, deciduous; petioles 2--3 mm; blades ovate to elliptic-oblong, 1.2--3.0 x 0.8--1.2 cm, bases rounded to subcordate, 3-veined, margins not revolute, entire to minutely serrate, g landular or not, tips acute to obtuse, abaxially gray-glaucous, glabrous to pubescent, adaxially gray-glaucous, glabrous to pubescent, plane.

Inflorescences: axillary, raceme-like, 2.5--7.5 cm.

Flowers: pale blue to white.

Fruits: globose, slightly depressed at apex, +/- 6 mm broad, sticky, horns 0; valve crests 0.


Flowering: spring to mid-summer.

Habitat: dry, rocky or sandy slopes; below 1800 m.

Range: Calif. (SNF, SnFrB, SCoR,TR, PR); Mexico in n Baja California. View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

Variable in leaves and also inflorescences which may be short and dense or longer and narrower.

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