Ceanothus integerrimus

W. J. Hooker & G. A. W. Arnott, Bot. Beechey Voy. 329. 1840


Ceanothus andersonii C. C. Parry; Ceanothus californicus A. Kellogg; C. integerrimus W. J. Hooker & G. A. W. Arnott var. californicus , (A. Kellogg) G. T. Benson; Ceanothus integerrimus W. J. Hooker & G. A. W. Arnott var. macrothyrsus (J. Torrey) G. T. Benson; Ceanothus integerrimus W. J. Hooker & G. A. W. Arnott var. puberulus (E. L. Greene) L. Abrams;


Habit: Shrubs to 4 m.

Stems: ascending-erect, not rooting at nodes; twigs yellow- to pale green, round, smooth, glabrous to +/- strigose, flexible.

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, not clustered; stipules thin, deciduous; petioles to 15 mm; blades lanceolate, elliptic or +/- oblong to broadly ovate, 2.5--8.0 x 1.0--3.9 cm; bases rounded, 1 or 3-veined, margins not revolute, usually en tire or minutely denticulate towards tip, tips acute to obtuse, abaxially pale green, +/- pubescent, especially on major veins, adaxially light green, +/- glabrous to pubescent, plane.

Inflorescences: usually terminal,raceme-like, 4.0--15.0 cm; flower clusters usually stalked, some single clusters axillary in leaflike bracts.

Flowers: white, pale to dark blue, rarely pink.

Fruits: globose to trihedral, summit +/- depressed, 4--5 mm broad, sticky, horns 0; valves minutely crested.

Cytology: n = 12 (M. A. Nobs in H. E. McMinn 1942)

Flowering: in spring--summer.

Habitat: Dry slopes and ridges; 300-2100 m.

Range: Ariz, Calif., N.Mex, Oreg., Wash. View distribution map.

Other Information:

Several poorly defined vars. have been recognized. These various morphs seem to occur in response to water availability and disturbances, such as fire.

Coile in her unpublished doctoral dissertation dealing with the deciduous ceanothuses, placed all of the Ceanothus integerrimus varieties into synonomy with the species. [N. C. Coile 1988]

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