Ceanothus hearstiorum

R. Hoover & J. Roof, Four Seasons 2:1-5. 1966

Hearst's ceanothus


Habit: Shrubs to 3 dm.

Stems: +/- prostrate or sprawling, some flowering branches ascending, not rooting at nodes; twigs light-green, round, smooth or slightly ridged, densely pubescent, flexible.

Leaves: evergreen, alternate; clustered; stipules thin, deciduous; petioles 1--2 mm; blades linear, elliptic to +/- rectangular, 0.8--2.7 x 0.3--1.1 cm, bases cuneate, rounded or truncate, 1-veined, margin +/- revolute, minutely gland-to othed, tips truncate or broadly rounded, sometimes appearing notched, abaxially gray-tomentose, adaxially dark green, glandular-papillate, plane or +/- concave.

Inflorescences: terminal or axillary, +/- raceme-like, to 5.0 cm.

Flowers: blue.

Fruits: +/- 4 mm broad, smooth, horns 0; valve crests 0.


Flowering: in spring.

Habitat: coastal scrub, coastal prarie, maritime chaparral, low hills; below 200 m.

Range: Calif. [CCo (near Arroyo de la Cruz, San Luis Obispo Co.)] View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

California Native Plant Society List 1B R-E-D Code 3-2-3; CA State/Fed. Status CR/C2. "Known from fewer than ten occurrences. Possibly threatened by grazing." [M. W. Skinner and B. M. Pavlik 1994]

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