Ceanothus fresnensis

W. R. Dudley ex. L. Abrams, Bot. Gaz. (Crawfordsville) 53: 68. 1912

Fresno mat

C. rigidus T. Nuttall ex J. Torry & A. Gray var. fresnensis W. L. Jepson


Habit: Shrubs to 3 dm.

Stems: prostrate forming mats, rooting at nodes; twigs usually reddish-brown to grayish, round, smooth or slightly ridged, tomentulose, flexible.

Leaves: evergreen, opposite; somewhat clustered; stipules thickened, persistent; petiole to 2 mm; blades oblanceolate to obovate or elliptic, 0.6--1.3 x 0.4--0.8 cm, bases cuneate, 1-veined, margins rarely slightly revolute, entire, +/- toothed at tips or not, tips +/- obtuse to notched, abaxially pale, dull green, veins pubescent, canescent between, adaxially dull green, usually puberulent, plane.

Inflorescences: axillary, umbel-like, 1.3--2.6 cm.

Flowers: usually blue.

Fruits: globose, 5--6 mm broad, smooth, horns slender, slender, near apex; valve crests 0.


Flowering: in spring--early summer.

Habitat: dry ridges in coniferous forest; 900-2000 m.

Range: Calif. [c SNF, c SNH.] View Distribution Map.

Other Information:

California Native Plant Society List: 4; R-E-D Code: 1-1-3; State/Fed. Status: CEQA. [Skinner, M. W. and B. M. Pavlik, eds. 1994]

C. X arcuatus H. E. McMinn, Ceanothus 2:147-48 1942. Shrubs to 6 dm. Stems erect with arching branches; twigs brownish, rounded, tomentulose, rigid. Leaf blades oblancolate to obovate or oval, 0.6--1.2 x 0.4--0.8 cm, margins entire or few-toothed near tip or not, abaxially pale gray-green, canescent between veins, adaxially gray-green, plane, microscopically puberulent. Inflorescences are small, axillary umbels with flowers white. Fruits globose, 4--6 mm broad, smooth, horns 3, slender, near apex; valve crests 0. Flowering in early summer; ridges and slopes in coniferous forests; 600-2300 m.; Calif. (w. slopes Sierra Nevada, Madera Co. n. to Plumas Co.) Probably (C. cuneatus x C. fresnensis)

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