Ceanothus confusus


J. T. Howell, Leafl. W. Bot. 2:160. 1939


Rincon Ridge ceanothus


Ceanothus divergens C. C. Parry ssp. confusus (J. T. Howell) L. Abrams



Habit: Shrubs to 0.6 m.


Stems: prostrate to low sprawling, rooting at nodes or not; twigs red-brown, round, smooth, +/- puberulent, flexible.


Leaves: evergreen, opposite; not clustered; stipules, corky, persistent; petioles +/- 1 mm.


Leaf blades oblanceolate, obovate to elliptic, 1.0--2.2 x 0.6--1.4 cm; bases usually cuneate, 1-veined, margins somewhat revolute, coarsely dentate , sharp teeth usually 3--5, above middle or at tip, tips obtuse, abaxially pale green, major veins usually pubescent, canescent between, adaxially usually bright green, +/- glabrous, plane.


Inflorescences: axillary, umbel-like, to 3.0 cm.


Flowers: light to deep blue, lavender, or purple.


Fruits: subglobose, +/- 5 mm broad, smooth, horns dorsal, erect to spreading, slender, not wrinkled; valve crests minute.


Cytology: 2 n = 24 (M. Nobs 1963)


Flowering: in early--late spring.


Habitat: dry, brushy slopes; below 1000 m.


Range: Calif. [s NCoR, Lake, Napa & Sonoma cos.]. Rare. View Distribution Map.


Other Information:

Calif. Native Plant Society List: 1B R-E-D Code: 3-3-3 State/Fed. Status: /C2. Threatened by development. [M. W. Skinner and B. M. Pavlik 1994] C.confusus apparently is closely related to C. divergens and C. purpureus . This complex is in need of study.


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