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Welcome to the Ceanothus home page - the web's only complete treatment of the genus Ceanothus. This site has been set up and will be maintained by Dr. Clifford Schmidt, Courtesy Professor in Botany & Plant Pathology at Oregon State University.

The site is broken up into numerous pages that fall under the following five headings:

To make navigation more simple throughout this site the following navigation bar will be on each major page you can browse, allowing you to move easily from one heading to another. To use the bar, simply point and click.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the information contained herein please e-mail Cliff Schmidt.

Caution! This ceanothus project is work in progress. Some of the information is still tentative awaiting further study and indeed awaiting any pertinent input from viewers more familiar with their local terrain than I am. Cliff Schmidt

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