Dr. Liston collecting Thalictrum arsenii in Michoacan, Mexico

Aaron I. Liston

Associate Professor,
Ph.D., 1990, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA

Research Area: Plant systematics and evolution.

Description of Research

My research focuses on the application of molecular tools to basic questions of plant phylogeny (evolutionary relationships), biogeography, and genetic diversity. Major topics of current investigation include 1) phylogenetic studies in Pinus and the Pinaceae; 2) phylogenetic studies in Astragalus, Lathyrus and Trifolium (Fabaceae); 3) phylogenetic analysis of breeding system evolution in Thalictrum (Ranunculaceae); and 4) genetic diversity studies in the Oregon flora.

Related Publications

Liston, A. 1995. Use of the polymerase chain reaction to survey for the loss of the inverted repeat in the legume chloroplast genome. In M.D. Crisp and J.J. Doyle (eds). Advances in Legumes Systematics, Part 7, pp. 31-40. Royal Botanic Garden, Kew.

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Liston, A., K. St. Hilaire and M.V. Wilson. 1995. Conservation genetics of Kincaid's lupine, host plant of Fender's blue butterfly. Madrono. In press.

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Asmussen, C.B. and A. Liston.1998. Chloroplast DNA characters, phylogeny, and classification of Lathyrus (Fabaceae). American Journal of Botany 85: 387-401.

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Research Group Members

Graduate Students

Jason Alexander, Genetic diversity of Astagalus oniciformis (Fabaceae) (M.S. expected 2002)
Sami Gray, Conservation genetics of Cimicifuga elata (Ranuculaceae) (M.S. expected Summer 2001)
Teman Erhart (M.S. expected 2003)



BOT 321 Introduction to Plant Systematics

BOT 421/521 Advanced Plant Systematics


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