OSU/HHMI Summer Undergraduate Research Program

September 15–17, 2012 / All Sessions in ALS 4001

September 15, 2012 a.m. Sessions

8:30 - Minhazur Sarker (Tory Hagen) – “The Robustness of the Heat Shock Protein 70 Response is Related to Species Longevity in Rodents” Video / PPT
8:45 – Helen Hobbs (Tory Hagen) – “Quantification of Lipoic Acid-Induced Changes of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase in Human Saliva” Video / PPT
9:00 – Deepthika Ennamuri (Debbie Mustacich) – “Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Alpha-Tocopherol Following Spinal Cord Injury”
9:15 – Elise Cowley (EXROP) – “Using the Contemporary Model Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris to Gain New Insights into the Evolution of Biological Membranes” Video / PPT
9:30 – Matt Kaiser (Rod Dashwood) – “Pharmacologic Ascorbate: An Epigenetic Perspective in Colon Cancer” Video / PPT
9:45 – Raquel Vaz (Rod Dashwood) – “Ribonucleotide Reductase as a Target for Cancer Therapy” Video / PPT
10:00 – Break

10:15 – Jacob Tepper (Rebecca Vega-Thurber) – “The Effects of Encroaching Macroalgae On Coral Bacteria” Video / PPT
10:30 – Kimberly Bellingham (Niklaus Grunwald) – “The Relationship Between Clonal Lineages of Phytophthora infestans and Fungicide Resistance” Video / PPT
10:45 – Tyler Colesar (Liney Arnadottir) – “The Effect of Temperature and Salt Concentrations on Polymer Biomaterial Coatings” Video / PPT
11:00 – Jessica Johnson  (Martin Schuster)– “Quorum-Sensing Signal Dependence of Streamlined Cooperation in Pseudomonas aeruginosaVideo / PPT
11:15 – Kellie French (Andy Blaustein) – “The Ecology of Disease and Anthropogenic Stressors in Amphibians” Video / PPT
11:30 – Isadora Alkmim (Maret Traber) – “Vitamin C as a Potentiator of Vitamin E in Erythrocytes” Video / PPT
11:45 – Emily Watts (Maret Traber) – “Vitamin E Diversity in Wild Emmer Wheat” Video / PPT

September 15, 2012 p.m. Sessions

1:00 – Brynn Livesay (Joe McGuire) – “The Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIII” Video / PPT
1:15 – Matthew Blake (Jaga Giebultowicz) – “Links Between Circadian Rhythms and Alzheimer's Disease” Video / PPT
1:30 – Shannon Cahill-Weisser (Patrick Chiang) – “Cloud Based Gait Speed and Variability Monitoring Using Smartphones” Video / PPT
1:45 – Sara Fassio (Claudia Häse) – “Malonate Inhibits Virulence Gene Expression in Vibrio cholerae.” Video / PPT
2:00 – Jaime Faulkner (Joe Beckman) – “Expressing Zinc-Deficient Superoxide Dismutase with an Adenovirus in Spinal Cord Tissue: A Model for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” Video / PPT
2:15 – Jody Gordon (Russell Turner and Urszula Iwaniec) – “The Impact of Dietary Calcium on Rates of Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone” Video / PPT
2:30 – Roy Almog (Russell Turner and Urszula Iwaniec) – “The Effects of Orbital Spaceflight on Bone Architecture in Ovariectomized Rats” Video / PPT
2:45 – Qiuying Liu (Jeff Greenwood) – “Role of Calpain 2 in Glioblastoma Progression”
3:00 – Break

3:15 – Maria Nguyen (EXROP-2) – “Mutations in ADPRHL2, Encoding ADP-ribosylhydrolase-like 2, Lead to a Novel, Potentially Treatable, Lethal Epilepsy Syndrome” Video / PPT
3:30 – Bo Park (Aleksandra Sikora) – “Characterization of the Novel Metalloprotease Secreted by the Type II Secretion System in Vibrio choleraeVideo / PPT
3:45 – Meesha Peña (Jeff Chang) – “The Role of the Actin Cytoskeleton in Plant/Pathogen Interactions” Video / PPT
4:00 – Tuan Pham (Nancy Kerkvliet) – “The Effect of TCDD on Cytokine Production During the Progression of Insulitis in NOD Mice”
4:15 – Arthur Rangel (Siva Kolluri) – “The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Mediates Ligand-Induced Growth Inhibition in Hepatoma Cells” Video / PPT
4:30 – Stef Solisti (Michael Freitag) – “Analysis of the H3L histone in Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Video / PPT

September 16, 2012, a.m. Sessions

9:00 - Margo Roemeling (James Hurst) – “Green Fluorescent Protein as an Endogenous Probe of Bactericidal Mechanisms in Neutrophils” Video / PPT
9:15 – Ana Brar (John Hays) – “High-Throughput Genome Sequencing: Functional Determination of the in vivo Specificities of Mismatch Repair Proteins” Video / PPT
9:30 – Michelle Tan (Carol Rivin) – “The Effects of Abscisic Acid and Giberellins on Embryonic Development in Maize"
9:45 – Xiao Lan Chang (Victor Hsu) – “Spectroscopic and Structural Characterization of FXR Agonists and Antagonists” Video / PPT
10:00 – Stefan Luccini (Victor Hsu)  - “Spectroscopic Characterization of the DNA-Condensing Protein from Bacteriophage Phi X174” Video / PPT
10:15 Break

10:30 - Carmen Gondhalekar (Anna Jolles) – “Disentangling Seasonal and Herd Effects on Tick Abundance in Free-Ranging African Buffalo” Video / PPT
10:45 – Jenny Tran (Fritz Gombart) – “Changes in Gene Expression Related to Decline of the Aging Immune System” Video / PPT
11:00 – Jun Tu Zhen (Fritz Gombart)  - “Role of Nuclear Receptors in Regulating Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression” Video / PPT
11:15 – Rachel Azevedo (Sharon Krueger) – “Refinement of Absolute Quantification Mass Spectrometry Methods to Detect and Monitor FMO levels in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis” Video / PPT
11:30 – David Sampson (Sharon Krueger) – “Evaluating a Murine Model of Human Susceptibility to Aflatoxin-Induced Carcinogenesis” Video / PPT

September 16, 2012 p.m. Sessions

1:00 - Connie Shen (Theresa Filtz) – “Definition of Relevant Phosphosites on Bcl11b, a Tumor Suppressor Protein” Video / PPT
1:15 – Huong Duong (Barbara Taylor) – “Development of Sex-specific Differences in Drosophila Neurons” Video / PPT
1:30 – Chris Edwards (Aaron Liston) – “Assembling the Mitochondrial Genome of the Common Milkweed Asclepias syriacaVideo / PPT
1:45 –
2:00 – Arsalan Zolfaghari (Paul Blakemore) – “Investigation of a Novel Boron Containing Sulfone for Julia-Kocienski Olefination” Video / PPT
2:15 – Melodie Machovina (Ryan Mehl) – “Engineering Bioorthogonal Reactions on Proteins in Live Cells” Video / PPT
2:30 – Karl Moser (Ryan Mehl) – “Mutating tRNA Synthetases for Unnatural Amino Acids” Video / PPT
2:45 – Maximimilian Paradiz (Ryan Mehl) – “Development of pH and Temperature Responsive Protein-Polymer Hybrids Using Genetically Encoded Initiators” Video / PPT
3:00 – Break

3:15 – Claire Ostertag-Hill (Ling Jin) – “Investigation of the Genetic Differences Between Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Variants and Vaccine Strains” Video / PPT
3:30 – Nicole Sidebotham (Morrie Craig) – “Metabolism of the Endophyte Toxin Lolitrem B by Bovine Liver Microsomes” Video / PPT
3:45 – Jessica Tran (Hiro Nonogaki) – “Analysis of Sdr4 and its Role in Seed Dormancy” Video / PPT
4:00 – Peter Wong (Jerri Bartholomew) – “Transmission and Persistence of Ceratomyxa shasta Genotypes in Chinook Salmon” Video / PPT
4:15 – Will Valiant (Dan Rockey) – “Performing a Transformation of C. trachomatisVideo / PPT
4:30 – Ellen Dow (Virginia Weis) – “The Role of Complement Molecules in Cnidarian Immunity” Video / PPT
4:45 – Jennifer Lee (Virginia Stockwell) – “Characterization of Pseudomonas syringae from Blueberry Plants” Video / PPT

September 17, 2012, a.m. Sessions

8:30 – Kelsey Drewry (Luis Sayavedra-Soto)  “Characterization of the Multiple Monooxygenases of Rhodococcus fasciansVideo / PPT
8:45 – Boya Fang (Luis Sayavedra-Soto) – “Physical Chemistry of Nitrosomonas europaea to be used for Metabolic Reconstruction” Video / PPT
9:00 – Justin Zhang (Internship) – “Amino Acids and mTOR Control the Fate of Live Engulfed Cells”
9:15 – Mu Feng (Michael Freitag) – “A role for CENP-S,T,W,X at Neurospora crassa Centromeres?” Video / PPT
9:30 – Phuong Pham (Michael Freitag) – “Identification of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 in fungi”
9:45 – Allison Stringer (Mark Harmon) – “Quantifying the Synchrony of Leaf Litter Decomposition in a Forested Landscape” Video / PPT
10:00 – Erin Peterson (Brian Sidlauskas) – “The Taxonomy of Stinking Lake Spring Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus)” Video / PPT
10:15 Break

10:30 – Thi Nguyen (Gary Merrill) – “Effect of Thioredoxin Reductase Deletion on p53 Target Gene Activity in Wild-type and Gamma-irradiated Mice” Video / PPT
10:45 – Sarah Kerrigan (Gary Merrill) – “Genetic Analysis of a Protein Family that Combats Carbonyl Stress” Video / PPT
11:00 – Justin Biel (Andy Karplus) – “Protein Building Blocks: The Search for a Nitrogen Pyramid” Video / PPT
11:15 – Steve Hartman (Andy Karplus) – “Investigating the Involvement of Peroxiredoxins in Embryogenesis” Video / PPT
11:30 – James Rekow (Andrew Buermeyer) – “Effect of DNA Mismatch Repair on the BPDE-Induced Mutational Spectra in the Human HPRT Gene” Video / PPT
11:45 – Fatimah Almousawi (Andrew Buermeyer) – “Gene-Environment Interactions In Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Risk” Video / PPT

The following students presented on August 20
Danielle Goodrich (John Fowler) - “Discovering the Roles of Myosin and Exocyst Proteins in Cell Expansion of Arabidopsis thalianaVideo / PPT
Eva Morgun (Valerian Dolja) - “Mapping Functional Domains in  Novel Family of Myosin XI Binding Proteins in Arabidopsis”   Video / PPT
Charlene Marek (Amy Dreves) -“SHOO FLY! Reduce Pesticide Dependence with Knowledge; Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)”  Video / PPT
Colin McIntyre (Joe Beckman) – “pET 3d and pBAD Vectors in Protein Expression” Video / PPT
Kimberly Rodriquez (Theresa Filtz) -  “Changes in Proteins Associated with BCL11B following Activation of Jurkat Cells” Video / PPT
Nick West (Joe Beckman) – “Observing Interaction Between Superoxide Dismutase and Metallothionein In Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” Video / PPT
Chi-Lan Tran (Hiro Nonogaki) – “Involvement of Tomato Ethylene Response Factor 1 (TERF1) In Seed Germination" Video / PPT

The following students will present in December
Kimberly Sarver (Andrew Buermeyer) - "Building A Better Mouse Trap: Creating Isogenic Cell Cultures for Functional Studies of DNA Mismatch Repai" Video / PPT
Elizabeth Geller (Stacey Harper) - TBA Video / PPT

Thanks to all of the generous supporters of the HHMI program.  They include the Ray, Frances, and Dale Cripps fund in the College of Science and Biochemistry/Biophysics, the Jaworski Scholarship from Botany/Plant Pathology, the Johnson Scholarship from the College of Engineering, URISC and URISC-START from the Research Office, the University Honors College, the Graduate School (Geller), the Research Office (Morgun), Chris Mathews, Joe Beckman, Russell Turner, Nik Grunwald, Andrew Buermeyer, Jaga Giebultowcz, Joe McGuire, Dan Arp, Martin Schuster, Virginia Stockwell, Ryan Mehl, Theresa Filtz, Sharon Krueger, Mark Harmon, Maret Traber