Welcome to the Program Page for the HHMI 2006 Symposium

Video rendering of student talks is now in progress and these will be added as they become available.

Winners of the Best Talks were as follows:

Friday, August 18


1:00 - Emily Clark (Joe Beckman) Crystallization and Dimer Exchange of the Protein Superoxide Dismutase (PowerPoint / Video)

1:15 - Thomas Lew (Michael Freitag) What is the Growing Mechanism of Filamentous Fungi, such as N. crassa? (PowerPoint / Video)

1:30 - Alex Hadduck (Paul Blakemore) A Model System For a Diazine-Benzofuran Cycloaddition/Fragmentation Approach to Thebaine (PowerPoint / Video)

1:45 - Nicole Dzialowy (Theo Dreher) Production of Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus Capsids: The Future in Micronutrient Delivery (PowerPoint / Video)


Saturday, October 14


9:20 – Gina Capri (Dan Rockey) Genomics of IS994: Transposase Genes in Renibacterium salmoninarum (PowerPoint / Video)

9:35 -  Sonia Rajput (Dan Rockey) Comparative Genomics of Clinical C. trachomatis Strains (PowerPoint / Video)

9:50 -  Gautam Mankaney (Andrew Buermeyer) Effect of Cancer-Associated Mutations on MLH1 Interaction with Exonucleases (PowerPoint / Video)

10:05 - Andrew Nguyen (Andrew Buermeyer) Biochemical Defects Associated with Cancer-causing Pathogenic Mutations in Human MLH1 (PowerPoint / Video)

10:35 - Eric Brooks (John Hays) Polymerase eta: Translesion Synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana (PowerPoint / Video)

10:50 - John Turner (Mark Zabriskie) Identification of Antibiotics Produced by Microorganisms from the Indonesian Black Water Ecosystem (PowerPoint / Video)

11:05 - Daniel Bai (Chris Mathews) Investigation of Mutagenesis from Deoxyribonucleotide Pool Abnormalities (PowerPoint / Video)

11:20 - Joshua Steeves (Lynda Ciuffetti) Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Wheat with Treatment of Ptr ToxA, a Host-Selective Toxin (PowerPoint / Video)

11:35 – Henry McNett (Walt Ream) Mutations of the Alternate Start Signal for the Galls Protein in Agrobacterium rhizogenes (PowerPoint / Video)

1:05 – Katherine Bateman (Dennis Hruby) Sortase (SrtA) Inhibitors (PowerPoint / Video)

1:20 – Amy Shatswell (Jim Carrington) Effects of Turnip Mosaic Virus (TuMV) Infection on miR171 Expression and Activity (PowerPoint / Video)

1:35 – Susan Puckett (Bruce Geller) PMOs as Antibiotics: Gene-specific Inhibition of E. coli (PowerPoint / Video)

1:50 – Alma Laney (Theo Dreher) The Role of the 3 UTR of Dulcamara mottle Virus in Translation (PowerPoint / Video)

2:05 – Ngan Nguyen (Tory Hagen) MAP Kinase Regulates Nuclear Localization of Nrf2

  (PowerPoint / Video)

2:35 – Tari Tan (Fred Stormshak) Sexual Preference in Rams:  Investigating the Role of Prolactin (PowerPoint / Video)

2:50 – Caitlin Murphy (Fred Stormshak) The Impact of Estrogen on Uterine Glucose Metabolism (PowerPoint / Video)

3:05 – Jeff Burnett (Dan Rockey) Production of Plasmid-encoded Chlamydial Proteins in Host Cells (PowerPoint / Video)

3:20 – Jeffrey Hall (Malcolm Lowry) Targeted Gene Mutation of the mviN Locus Homolog in Francisella tularensis LVS (PowerPoint / Video)

3:35 – Grant Farr (Michael Freitag) Heterochromatin Distribution and Function in Interphase (PowerPoint / Video)

3:50 – Jennifer Coppersmith (Barb Taylor) Determining the Cause of Defective Reproductive Tract Development and Sterility in Retained Mutant Female Fruit Flies (PowerPoint / Video)

4:05 – Ashley Swander (Mike Pavol) Effects of Age on the Landing Techniques of Boys and Girls (PowerPoint / Video)


Sunday, October 15


1:05 – Erin Rieke (Christine Kelly) Making and Characterizing PAMAM Dendrimer Conjugates to Target Cancer (PowerPoint / Video)

1:20 – Katherine Fordyce (Alexey Shvarev) Electrochemical Nonseparation Binding/Immunoassays Based On Solid-State Reversible Polyion Selective Sensors (PowerPoint / Video)

1:35 – Marcus Chiodo (Elisar Barbar) Interaction of Dynein Light Chain LC8 with Dynein Intermediate Chain (PowerPoint / Video)

1:50 – Cynthia Trevisiol (Russell Turner) Osteogenic Potential of Bone Cylinders in Alcohol and Control Fed Rats (PowerPoint / Video)

2:05 – Mariana Sheldon (Elisar Barbar) Using Protein Co-expression to Purify a Soluble Form of the Swallow Protein Bound to LC8 (PowerPoint / Video)

2:35 - Danya Rumore (Jim Myers) Organic Seed Partnership Bell Pepper Variety Trial (PowerPoint / Video)

2:50 - Travis Schaal (Gita Cherian) Modulating Fatty Acid Metabolism to Enhance Hatchability of Chicken Eggs (PowerPoint / Video)

3:05 - Shannon Williamson (Andrew Ross) Optimizing Extraction Methods to Improve Utilization of Wheat Gluten in Bio-product Manufacturing (PowerPoint / Video)

3:20 - Tuyen Thi Dang (Chris Mathews) The Effect of DNA Methylation on Deamination Rate and Mutagenesis / Analysis of Ribonucleotide Reductase in Yeast Mitochondria (PowerPoint / Video)

3:35 – Niel Henriksen (Philip Proteau) The Identification and Characterization of the Cardioactive Principals in Hawthorn Extract (PowerPoint / Video)

3:50 – Nicole Kurhanewicz (Elizabeth Sulzman) Retrospective Analysis of Soil Heat Index in Areas Impacted by Wildfire (PowerPoint / Video)