Thursday, August 25

8:00 - Eddie O'Donnell (Andrew Buermeyer) "Pathogenic Mechanisms of Cancer Causing MLH1 Mutations" [PowerPoint/Video]
8:20 - Nikki O'Donnell (John Hays) "Measuring the Persistence of MutS at a Mismatch Site After Binding" [PowerPoint/Video]
8:40 - Eva Sandberg (Marilyn Miller and Melodie Putnam) "Isolation, Survival and Growth of Rhodococcus fascians from Plants with Shoot Proliferation and/or Leafy Galls" [PowerPoint/Video]
9:00 - Jason Neal-McKinney (Walt Ream) "Agrobacterium rhizogenes GALLS Protein and Crown Galls" [PowerPoint/Video]


11:00 - Sara Tracy (Skip Rochefort) "Molecular and Rheological Characterization of Hyaluronic Acid and Equine Synovial Fluid for the Treatment of Lameness in Horses" [PowerPoint/Video]
11:20 - Celeste Riley (Robert Peattie) "Stimulation of In vivo Angiogenesis Through Dual Growth Factor Loaded Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels" [PowerPoint/Video]
11:40 - Peter Fuegy (Robert Peattie) "Heparin Controlled Stimulation of In vivo Angiogenesis Through Dual Growth Factor Loaded Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels" [PowerPoint/Video]

Lunch Break

1:00 - Jessica Page (Dennis Hruby) "Investigation of the Roles of Viral Proteinases in the Vaccinia Virus Life Cycle" [PowerPoint/Video]
1:20 - Tari Tan (Theo Dreher) "The Construction of Mutations in the 3' Cyclization Sequence of Dengue Virus Genome for the Study of Translation" [PowerPoint/Video]
1:40 - Eric Brooks (William Baird) "DNA Adduct Formation in Zebrafish" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:00 - Jennifer Atkin (William Baird) "Role of DNA Repair Enzymes in Removal of Bulky DNA adducts in Zebrafish" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:20 - Vivian LaRonge (William Baird} "The Effect of Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene on the Thymus of Fetal Mice" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:40 - Drew Calhoun (Elisar Barbar) "Insight into the Regulation of Dynein by Dynactin" [PowerPoint/Video]


3:10 - Amy Dinh (Janine Trempy)
3:30 - Brian Kitamura (Fred Stormshak) "Membrane-Initiated Estrogen Signaling in the Ovine Endometrium" [PowerPoint/Video]
3:50 - Meg Christ (Mike Gross) "Uncx4.1 Function During Spinal Cord Development" [PowerPoint/Video]
4:10 - Melissa Calhoun (Chrissa Kioussi) "Homeobox Genes and Muscle Development" [PowerPoint/Video]
4:30 - Ryan Smith (Janine Trempy)
4:50 - Gautam Mankaney (Joe Beckman) "Investigating the Cu Chemistry of the Superoxide Dismutase IV Mutant" [PowerPoint/Video]
5:10 - Sara Haidar (Tory Hagen) "Loss of Nrf2-Mediated Transcription Lowers Glutathione Synthetic Capacity in Aging Rat Hepatocytes" [PowerPoint/Video]

Friday, August 26

8:00 - Anahita Fallahi (Tory Hagen) "Loss Of Nrf2 Dependent Signaling Following Induction of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress" [PowerPoint/Video]
8:20 - Adam Kirkpatrick (Bill Gerwick) "Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing" [PowerPoint/Video]
8:40 - Kate Bateman (Dan Arp) "Optimization of Propionate Production by Pseudomonas butanovora" [PowerPoint/Video]
9:00 - Sarah Jean (Dan Arp) "Modifications of the Catalytic Properties of Butane Monooxygenase in P.═ňbutanovora" [PowerPoint/Video]


9:30 - Sara Hamilton (Lynda Ciuffetti) "Exploration of the Site-of-action of Ptr ToxA via Site-directed Mutagenesis of Green Fluorescent Protein-ToxA Fusion Proteins" [PowerPoint/Video]
9:50 - Alexzandra McKinnis (Sujaya Rao) "A New Thrips Pest" [PowerPoint/Video]
10:10 - Brett Mellbye (Steve Giovannoni and Kevin Vergin) "Classification of a Novel Marine Bacterial Species: HTCC 2207" [PowerPoint/Video]
10:30 - Lauren A. Osborn (John Fowler) "Testing a Role for Rop9 GTPase in Maize Pollen Tube Growth" [PowerPoint/Video]
10:50 - Chana Dudoit (Sylvia Yamada) "The Distribution and Abundance of the Non-native Eelgrass Zostera═ňjaponica in Oregon Estuaries" [PowerPoint/Video]

Lunch Break

1:00 - Erin Rieke (Christine Kelly) "Effect of Irradiation Dose on Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation" [PowerPoint/Video]
1:20 - Linda Phan (Theresa Filtz) "Effects of Hawthorn Crataegus Plant Extracts on Endothelial Cells and Cardiomyocytes" [PowerPoint/Video]
1:40 - Christopher Zielinski (Jerri Bartholomew) "Life Cycle of Fish Parasite Parvicapsula minibicornis" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:00 - Chris R. Friesen (Robert T. Mason) "The Effect of Lactic Acid on the Thermoregulatory Behavior of Gravid Female Red-sided Garter Snakes" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:20 - David Paoletti (Andrew Blaustein) "Rapid Evolution of Antipredator Responses" [PowerPoint/Video]
2:40 - Sarah Strawn (Jaga Giebultowicz) "Role of Clock Gene period in Starvation Resistance" [PowerPoint/Video]


3:10 - Tony Tong (Jan Frederik Stevens) "Aging and Oxidative Damage to Mitochondrial Proteins" [PowerPoint/Video]
3:30 - Jing Sun (Hiro Nonogaki) "MicroRNA in Developing and Germinating Arabidopsis thaliana Seeds" [PowerPoint/Video]
3:50 - Pachida C. Lo (David Williams) "Determination of the Flavin Containing Monooxygenase (Fmo) Distribution in Mouse Lung and Liver" [PowerPoint/Video]
4:10 - Chelsea Mayo (Jeffrey Greenwood) "Phosphoinositide Binding Regulates a-Actinin Proteolysis by Calpain" [PowerPoint/Video]
4:30 - Andrea M. Garcia (Joe Karchesy) "Evaluation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants For the Presence of ACE Inhibitors" [PowerPoint/Video]

The following HHMI program students are giving their talks at other times:

Daniel Bai (Christopher Mathews) PowerPoint / Video

Emily Clark (Joe Beckman) PowerPoint / Video

Aly Mohammed (John Hays) PowerPoint / Video

Kelsey Squire (Joe Beckman) PowerPoint / Video

Amy Teegarden (P. Shing Ho)


Special thanks to the CGRB, EHSC, URISC, NSF, and many generous OSU professors for helping to support students in the program this summer.