Tuesday, August 31

8:15 - Katie Farrell (Aaron Liston)  “Coalescence in North American White Pines” (Powerpoint / Video)

8:30 - Daniel Smith (Jim Carrington) “Phylogeny of microRNAs” (Powerpoint / Video)

8:45 - Arianne Cease (Bob Mason) “Stress Responses Among Newly Emerged Versus Dispersing Male Red-sided Garter Snakes” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:00 - Rachel McAlister (Bob Mason)  “Pre- and Post-mating Reproductive Isolation in Populations of the Red-Sided Garter Snake” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:15 - Ryan Scholz (Howard Meyer) “Training Lambs to be Weed-eaters:  Conditioning Ovis Airies For Use in the Biological Control of Brachypodium sylvaticum- a Non-native Bunchgrass” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:30 - Nathaniel Evans (Susan Haig) “Genetic Analysis of Population Structure in the Endangered Mariana Common Moorhen”

9:45 - Kait Frasier (Jane Lubchenco) “Larval presence in Mangroves:  A Comparison of the Larval Populations in Intact and Cut Mangrove Areas in Bocas Del Toro, Panama” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:00 Break

10:20 - Jeremy Gregory (Frank Moore) “Cloning Newt Melanocortin Receptors” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:35 - David Stanley (Frank Moore) “Discovery of A Novel DNA Sequence in Taricha granulosa” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:50 – James Lester (Jaga Giebultowicz) “Effects of per on Longevity and Fecundity in Drosophila” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:05 - Eli Moore (Staci Simonich) “Biomonitoring Semivolatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere Using Lichen” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:20 - Julie Ream (James Altland) “The Production and Invasion of Buddleja davidii in Oregon” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:50 Lunch

1:05 - Lisa Bauer (Theo Dreher) “Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus 3' UTR as a Translational Enhancer in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” (Powerpoint / Video)

1:20 - Anna Carmona (Theo Dreher) “Translational Control of Dengue Viral Genome: Role of 3' UTR & CS1” (Powerpoint / Video)

1:35 - Josh Cuperus (Walt Ream) “Purification of a Secreted Agrobacterium rhizogenes Protein (GALLS) Required for Gene Transfer to Plants” (Powerpoint / Video)

1:50 - Nathanael Blake (Dan Rockey) “Chlamydial Inclusion Membrane Proteins: Localization and Characterization” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:05 - Emily Williamson (Dennis Hruby) “Vaccinia Virus G1L Protein Expression and Purification” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:20 - Amanda Cordes (Bill Gerwick) “Discovery of Neuro-regenerative Natural Products from Marine Algae and Cyanobacteria” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:35 - Sara Tracy (Skip Rochefort) “Molecular and Rheological Characterization of Hyaluronic Acid and Equine Synovial Fluid for the Treatment of Lameness in Horses” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:50 Break

3:10 - Nancy Lee (Chris Mathews) “Expanded Precursor Pools and DNA Methylation as Determinants of Mutagenesis” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:25 - Laurel Wheeler (John Hays) “The Role of Mismatch-Repair Protein MLH3 in Genomic Stability in the Plant Arabidopsis” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:40 - Aly Mohamed (John Hays) “Repression of Mismatch Repair (MMR) by Dominant-negative MMR Proteins” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:55 - Eddie O’Donnell (Andrew Buermeyer) “Pathogenic Mechanisms of Cancer-Causing MLH1 Mutations” (Powerpoint / Video)

4:10 - Daniel J. Albershardt (Bill Baird) “Transplacental DNA Adduct Formation by Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene in Mice” (Powerpoint / Video)

4:25 - Tuan Nguyen (Bill Baird) “Inhibition of Human CYP1B1 in MCF-7 and V79 H1B1 Cells in Culture” (Powerpoint / Video)

4:40 - Stephanie Junell (Chris Mathews) “Analysis of the Structure and Function of the Proteins Thymidylate Synthase and Thymidine Kinase” (Powerpoint / Video)

4:55 - Carolyn Wiesner (Chris Mathews) “Mutagenesis and Nucleotide Metabolism in E. coli Cells”


Wednesday, September 1


8:15 - Brandon Yuan (Luiz Bermudez) “Characterization of the Mycobacterium avium Phagosome” (Powerpoint / Video)

8:30 - Molly McNab (Luiz Bermudez) “Effects of Sub-inhibitory Antibiotic Concentrations on Genes Associated with Biofilm Formation in Mycobacterium avium” (Powerpoint / Video)

8:45 – Shannon Bell Oscar Riera-Lizarazu “Decreasing a-Gliadins in Wheat Grains Using RNAi” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:00 - Katherine VanWormer (Terri Lomax) “Auxin-induced Gravitropic Responses in Wild Type and Lazy-2  tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum)” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:15 - Andrew Kiemnec (Robert Tanguay) “Nicotine Developmental Toxicity in Zebrafish” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:30 - Sara Hamilton (Lynda Ciufetti) “Does Plant Cell Death Induced by Ptr ToxA Require Toxin Entry?” (Powerpoint / Video)

9:45 - John Stenberg (Dan Arp) “Characterization of Enzymes Involved in Butane Metabolism from the Pollutant Degrading bacterium, Pseudomonas butanovora” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:00 – Break

10:20 - Jaimie Smith (Dennis Hruby) “Gram-Positive DegP Evaluation” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:35 - Cliff Gagnier (Dennis Hruby) “Disulfide Bonding Pattern of Vaccinia Virus Protein L1R” (Powerpoint / Video)

10:50 - Jessica Page (Claudia Maier) “Proteomics of Protein Glutathionylation in Mitochondria of an Aging Heart” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:05 - Tony Tong (Jan Frederick Stevens) “Aging and Oxidative Damage to Mitochondrial Protein Subunits of Complex IV” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:20 - James Proestos (Sonia Anderson) “Interaction of N-terminal Peptides of Glycogen Phosphorylase with Calmodulin” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:35 - Emily Cavaliere (Shing Ho) “Utilizing a Novel Technique for Analyzing the Atomic Structure of DNA Crystals” (Powerpoint / Video)

11:50 – Lunch

1:05 - Amy Dinh (Janine Trempy)

1:20 - Doug Bryant, Jr.  (Mike Gross) “Identification of Homeobox Gene Lbx1 Spinal Cord Specific Enhancers” (Powerpoint / Video)

1:35 - Kelly Probst (Mike Gross) “Tracing Neuronal Cell Development and Maturation in the Mouse Spinal Cord” (Powerpoint / Video)

1:50 – Loren Cochrun (Elisar Barbar) “Role of Histidine 55 in the Dimerization of the Cytoplasmic Dynein Subunit LC8” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:05 - Kathrin Meyers (Joe Beckman) “An Investigation of the Interactions Between Zinc-Deficient and Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:20 - Sherrie Marble (Joe Beckman) “Copper Loading in Superoxide Dismutase and its Effects on ALS” (Delayed, due to illness)

2:35 - Jenny Davis (Gary Merrill) “Redox Regulation of Transcription Factors Governing Development” (Powerpoint / Video)

2:50 – Break

3:10 - Jessica Hewitt (Hiro Nonogaki) “Physiological Roles of the Endosperm in Arabidopsis Seed Germination” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:25 - Nick Durham (Morrie Craig) “Earthworms: Possible Plant Detoxification and Bioremediation Tools” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:40 - Anahita Fallahi (Tory Hagen) “Dietary Micronutrients as Effectors of Sirtuin Activity:  Implications For Increased Longevity” (Powerpoint / Video)

3:55 - Kory Herrick (John Fowler) “Sub-cellular Localization of Arabidopsis thaliana SEC8 in Polarly-growing Cells” (Powerpoint / Video)

4:10 - Malem Gutema (John Fowler) “The Interactions of Plant Hormones and Rop Proteins” (Powerpoint / Video)


Due to schedule conflicts ranging from family events to being in Africa, the following students will present their research findings at a later time:

Tonja Homrichhausen (Hiro Nonogaki)

Amy Teegarden (Shing Ho)

Melinda von Borstel (Theresa Filtz)

Sherrie Marble (Joe Beckman)

Marisa Wahnsiedler (Barbara Reed)