HHMI-OSU 2003 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Symposium

Thursday, August 28

(mentors listed in parentheses)

8:05 Brett Palama (Andrew Buermeyer) “Determining Phenotypes of Pathogenic Mismatch Repair Mutants” - Powerpoint / Video
8:30 Nancy Jade Lee (Chris Mathews) “Mutagenesis by Expanded DNA Precursor Pools of Mammalian Cells” - Powerpoint / Video
8:55 Andrew Regan (Theo Dreher) “Translational Efficiency of Dengue Virus (DEN) and DEN Variants in Cells” - Powerpoint / Video
9:20 Heather Bolstad (Joe Beckman) “Toxicity of Acetaldehyde with Oxygen Radicals” - Powerpoint / Video
9:45 Jordan Kane Boutilier (Chris Mathews) “Analysis of 8-oxo-dGTP, a Mutagenic Nucleotide, at Physiological Levels in E.coli” - Powerpoint / Video
10:30 Natalie Biggs (Joe Beckman) “Copper Binding to Superoxide Dismutase Mutants in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)” - Powerpoint / Video
10:55 Nima Motamedi (Luiz Bermudez) “Genetic Analysis of Mycobacterial Susceptibility to Antimicrobial Peptides” - Powerpoint / Video
11:20 Cliff Gagnier (Dennis Hruby) “Identification of the Proteins Associated with the Membranous Fraction of Vaccinia Virus” - Powerpoint / Video
11:45 Lisa Bauer (Theo Dreher) “The Effect of the 5’UTR on in vivo Translation in TYMV” - Powerpoint / Video
1:30 Buck Wilcox (Dahong Zhang) “In Vitro Micromanipulation of Microtubules” - Powerpoint / Video
1:55 Derek Youngblood (Andy Karplus) “Do you Really Need that Doughnut? Structural Studies of Peroxiredoxin Mutants” - Powerpoint / Video
2:20 Stacy Hill (Andrew Buermeyer) “PhIP-induced Mutation in Mlh1-deficient Mice” - Powerpoint / Video
2:45 Scott Viner (Jeff Greenwood) “The Effect of CRP1 on alpha-actinin Bundling Activity” - Powerpoint / Video
3:30 Erin Breck (Bruce Menge) “Reproduction of the Barnacle Balanus glandula” - Powerpoint / Video
3:55 Katie Miles (Frank Moore) “Stress, Newts and DNA OR…Identification of the cDNA Sequence of Prodynorphin” - Powerpoint / Video
4:20 Daniel Jones (Ian Fleming) “Feeding Ecology of Cutthroat Trout in the Salmon River Estuary” - Powerpoint / Video
4:45 Cynthia Santoso (Jeff Greenwood) “Calcium Regulation on alpha-actinin” - Powerpoint / Video
5:10 James Proestos (Sonia Anderson) “Calmodulin and Phosphorylase Interaction” - Powerpoint / Video

Friday, August 29

8:05 Heidi Schmidt (Skip Rochefort) “Rheological Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Equine Synovial Fluid from Tarsocrural Joints Injected with Hyaluronic Acid (HA)” - Powerpoint / Video
8:30 Kathy Van Wormer (John Loeser) “Naturally-Colored Cotton: Extraction and Identification of Pigments in Green Cotton” - Powerpoint / Video
8:55 Melinda von Borstel (Theresa Filtz) “Effects of Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED), Phenytoin and Carbamazepine, on Calcium Transport in Caco-2 Cells, an Immortalized Human Intestinal Cell Line” - Powerpoint / Video
9:20 Amanda Cordes (Bill Gerwick) “Two Bioassays for Cyanobacterial Neuro-active Metabolites” - Powerpoint / Video
9:45 Erika K. VanDenBerg (Dan Rockey) “Transcription Analysis of Tetracylcine Resistant Genes in Chlamydia suis” - Powerpoint / Video
10:30 Jessica Hewitt (Hiro Nonogaki) “Development of a Procedure to Distinguish Annual and Perennial Ryegrass Seeds” - Powerpoint / Video
10:55 Rachel O'Neal (David Williams) “Determining Estrogenicity of a Cytochrome P450-dependent Metabolite of 3,3’-diindolylmethane (DIM)” - Powerpoint / Video
11:20 Kevin Hockett (Virginia Stockwell) “Characterization of Non-fluorescent Mutants of Pseudomonas fluorescens A506” - Powerpoint / Video
1:30 Caryn Ong (Andrew Ross) “Effects of Gluten Composition and Molecular Weight Distribution on the Noodle Making Potential of Hard White Wheats” - Powerpoint / Video AUDIO BAD
1:55 Virginia Slater (Terri Lomax) “Development of the Moss Physcomitrella patens for Assessment in Space” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
2:20 Rebecca Huot (Richard Cronn) “Diazotrophs in Shore Pine” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
2:45 Jennie Hines (John Fowler) “Mutations in Arabidopsis Exocyst Gene AtSEC8” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
3:30 Vincent Lew (Mark Leid) “Isolation and Characterization of Cellular Complexes Containing the Histone Deacetylase SIRT1” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
3:55 Molly D. McNab (Luiz Bermudez) “Genes Associated with Biofilm Formation in Mycobacterium smegmatis” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
4:20 Josh Cuperus (Walt Ream) “Inducible Expression of an Agrobacterium rhizogenes Gene Required for DNA Transfer to Plants” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
4:45 Tanja M. Homrichhausen (Hiro Nonogaki) “Tissue-Specific Gene Expression in Plant Seeds” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
5:10 Blake Miller (Chris Mathews) “5-Methylcytosine as Mutagenic “Hot Spot” in Duplex DNA” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO

Tuesday, Sept. 2

10:00 Eli Moore (Staci Simonich) “Development of a Single Method for Analysis of Precipitated Atmospheric Pollutants” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO
10:25 Denise Baumann (Sujaya Rao) “A Multitrophic Interaction between a Fly, a Fungus and Orchardgrass in the Willamette Valley” - Powerpoint / Video NO AUDIO