2001 HHMI Summer Undergraduate Research Program at OSU

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Debra Adam - “Determination of Purine Turnover Rates and the Effects of E. coli Mut T”

Monika Arora - “Iron Regulation and Disease: Developing a Novel Method to Monitor Heme Biosynthesis”

Heather Carpenter - “The Effects of Fire on Lichen Composition in Oregon Oak Savannas”

Christoph Champ - “Mapping Z-DNA in Human Chromosome 22”

Stuart Endo-Streeter - “A Step Towards Solving the Mystery of Old Yellow Enzyme: The Structure of a Mutant”

Steve Full - “Phosphatidylinositol Regulation of a-Actinin Function”

Neil Geisler - “The Role of Hyaluronic Acid in Fibrinogen Clotting as Monitored Using Dynamic Shear Rheology”

Michinao Hashimoto - “Synthesis of Almazole Antibiotics”

Andrea Hill - “Effect of Prostaglandin F2a on Progesterone Levels in Bovine Serum”

Anna Hsu - “Modification of Green Fluorescent Protein for Use In Mutation Analysis”

Ned Imming - “Development of an Optics – based Cellular Biosensor to Detect Neural Secretion.”

Amber Leis - “New Methods of Recombinant Selection in Prokaryotic Systems”

Patrick Lew - “The Quantitation of Developed Strain in Bones”

Ying-Show Liu - “Genetic Control of Fertility and Muscle Development in Drosophila melanogaster

Sami Murakami - “Agrobacterium rhizogenes Virulence Genes are Located on Two Separate Plasmids”

Morgan Parker - “Mutagenesis: Effect of DNA Cytosine Methylation upon Deamination-induced Mutagenesis”

Tim Peterson - “Effect of a Pathogenic Mutation in the MLH1 Gene on DNA Mismatch Repair Activity”

Denise Ptacek - “Map-Based Cloning of the Avb Gene”

Jonathan Reed - “Screening of a Closterovirus Genome for Suppressors of RNA Silencing”

Anna Samson - “Chlamydial incC Plasma Membrane Extension Formation”

Annie Staten - “The Production and Purification of Mouse Thioredoxin for Use in Antibody Production”

Lucas Tilley - “Effectiveness of UV Irradiation to Control PCR Contamination”

JayWell - “Molecular Mapping of Lazy-2 Gravitropic Response Gene of Tomato”

ThomYoung - “Demographic Monitoring of Reef Fish Populations and Test of the Recruitment-Limitation Hypothesis”