Neuroanatomical Distribution of Vasotocin mRNA in Selected Regions of the CNS of the Roughskin Newt: Comparing Neuro-histochemical Labeling Methods

Speaker: George Ambrose

Abstract: This study investigated the neuroanatomical distribution of the neuropeptide vasotocin (VT) in majority regions (±75%) of the central nervous system (CNS) in the male roughskin newt (Taricha granulosa). Experiments were conducted using a complementary RNA probe designed specifically for the Taricha VT gene sequence, derived from using in situ hybridization histochemistry (ISHH). The findings of this study included newly discovered VT cell body population in the optic tectum area of the mesencephalon. Also, for the first time, the present study confirmed that hindbrain and the spinal cord do not appear to include vasotocinergic cell bodies in the roughskin newt. In addition, the present findings were compared to previous investigations that employed different histochemical methods: (1) immunocytochemistry (IHC), (2) ISHH with DNA synthetic oligonucleotides. Some behavioral functions of VT related to Taricha were reviewed.