I am happy to welcome all of you to the new bbnews listserv where I will be regularly posting items in the news I think everyone should be aware of. These are intended to supplement your reading of the newspaper, which I place at the top level of the information hierarchy. As I noted previously, the Barometer will not do.

Before I get to the news, here are some things I think everyone should know.

1. Names and political party affiliations of
A. Governors of California, Oregon, Washington
B. U.S. Senators of California, Oregon, Washington
C. U.S. Representatives of Oregon
D. U.S. President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, U.N. Ambassador
E. Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

2. Names of
A. Prime Minister of Great Britain
B. Prime Minister of Canada
C. President of Mexico
D. President of Afghanistan
E. President of Iraq
F. President of Russia
G. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court, plus at least two other judge names

3. You should know who these people are and what they are known for
A. John Boehner
B. Hilary Clinton
C. John McCain
D. Ben Bernanke
E. Ralph Nader
F. Sarah Palin
G. Hugo Chavez

4. Here are some groups you should know about
A. Al qaeda
E. Homeland Security

Here are some topics you should be familiar with
1. Elections - familiarity with major candidates and issues
2. Sites of major conflict in the world
3. Guantanamo Bay base
4. Unemployment

I post news to the bbnews listserv twice per week, but you should not use that as a substitute for reading the newspaper.