Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program



Faculty Name & Department/School:  Julie Tucker, MIME/Engineering


Research Project Title:  Corrosion of Advanced Energy System Materials in Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide (SC-CO2)


Project Overview:  The scope of work in this project is to design, build and validate an experimental SC-CO2 system for corrosion and crack growth materials testing at high temperatures and pressures for a range of exposure times. Undergraduates will be supervised by faculty members and a graduate research assistant. Two undergraduate researchers are needed for this project and supplemental funds are available beyond the URSA-ENGAGE program support if needed. Opportunities for summer research are also available.


What skills will students obtain in this project?

Theoretical skills: design of experimental system and lab, implementing coursework into real world applications

Experimental skills: construction of experiment and lab modifications, materials characterization

Computational skills: LabView programming


Student research tasks:

Assist in design and performance of lab modifications to support SC-CO2 experiment. Assist in design, construction and validation of SC-CO2 experiment. Operate experimental SC-CO2 loop and monitor corrosion experiments. Analyze corrosion process of test sample and document results.


Number of hours per week expected of student: 10 hrs/week per student (up to 2 students)


Preferred Faculty Contact Information (email): Julie.tucker@oregonstate.edu



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