Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program


 Faculty Name & Department/School:  Kathryn Becker-Blease, School of Psychological Science


Research Project Title:  Scientific Literacy and MCAT Readiness in Introductory Psychology


Project Overview: 


We are interested in evaluating scientific literacy in General Psychology (201 and 202) classes. Scientific literacy is valuable for all citizens, and crucial for success in the psychology and other science majors. In 2015, the MCAT exam, which is required for medical school admission, will include a substantial section covering psychological science. We are investing ways to improve scientific literacy and MCAT readiness among students taking General Psychology (201 and 202). 


What skills will students obtain in this project?


Students will gain knowledge about the cognitive skills and motivation necessary to understand scientific writing and graphs, test design, and content that will be covered on the 2015 MCAT. They will also work learn to use statistical software and manage data securely and ethically. They will work with graduate students on a research team, leading to interpersonal and work skills relevant to graduate school and work.


Student research tasks:


Enter, label, and manipulate data using Excel and SPSS statistical software.

Read and discuss articles related to scientific literacy, motivation, and education.

Attend lab meetings.

Create presentation for CUE.


Number of hours per week expected of student:  5 – 10.


  1. Text Box: Preferred Faculty Contact Information (email): Kathryn.blease@oregonstate.edu




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