URSA Engage Program 2013
Position Descriptions for Students to Apply For


Faculty Name & Department/School:

Dr. Dwaine Plaza

Department of Sociology

School of Public Policy

302 Fairbanks Hall


Research Project Title: U.S. Deportation Policy and the Social Impact on Jamaican Society 2000-2012.  


Project Overview: 

In 2012 the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported 409,849 immigrants. Fifty-five percent of removals from the United States were individuals convicted of felonies. Last year, 1,630 Jamaicans were deported from the US,   1,262 of the individuals were convicted criminals and 368were non-criminals. These numbers are particularly striking when one considers that Jamaica is a country of only 2.7 million people. Jamaican law enforcement officials and its citizens have to deal with these retuning American trained criminal elements. This project will study the effect of U.S deportation policy on the volume of criminal deportees to Jamaica over a ten year period. The project will also look at online newspapers for evidence of the social impact of these American trained criminal deportees on the social fabric of Jamaican society.


What skills will students obtain in this project? 

Quantitative Research Skills—data analysis

Qualitative Research Skills—content analysis


Student research tasks: 

Use the United States ICE data base to download trend level deportation data. 2000-2012

Generating Excel tables and charts from ICE data and U.S. immigration data.

Content Analysis of – Online Newspapers —produced in the United States and Jamaica

Content Analysis of Web sites related to the deportation issue.


Period of work - Spring and Fall


Number of hours per week expected of student:     5


Preferred Faculty Contact Information:

Professor Dwaine Plaza

302 Fairbanks Hall

Oregon State University

541 737-5369


Email: dplaza@orst.edu

(note - applications are NOT sent to mentors - see instructions)


q Yes    x No:   Human Subjects 

q Yes    xNo:   Live Vertebrate Animals

q Yes    x  No:   Recombinant DNA Molecules Transgenic Plants or Animal, and/or Infectious Agents of Plants, Animals, or Humans

q Yes    x  No:   Ionizing Radiation

q Yes    x  No:   Chemical Carcinogens

q Yes    x  No:   Scuba Diving, Free Diving

q Yes    x  No:   Small Boating Operations


If you are interested in applying for this position, you MUST complete the student application HERE and email it to Dr. Kevin Ahern at ahernk@onid.orst.edu

Do NOT email your application to the faculty mentor.