URSA Engage Program 2013
Position Descriptions for Students to Apply For


Faculty Name & Department/School: Dr. Walter Loveland, Chemistry


Research Project Title: Determining the spatial resolution of the Fission Time Projection Chamber


Project Overview: 

A new instrument for studying fission, called the Fission Time Projection Chamber,  is being developed.  The spatial resolution of the device in tracking fission events needs to be determined.  That is done by fabricating a series of 252Cf deposits whose fission fragments emerge in different spatial patterns.


What skills will students obtain in this project? 

 Students will learn how to handle radioactivity, particularly the heaviest elements and deposition of these rare elements by molecular plating.


Student research tasks: 

Design and prepare precise patterns of 252Cf deposits that can test spatial resolution on the micrometer to millimeter scale.


Period of work - Spring ONLY


Number of hours per week expected of student:    5-10 


Preferred Faculty Contact Information: lovelanw@onid.orst.edu (note - applications are NOT sent to mentors - see instructions)


q Yes    x No:   Human Subjects 

q Yes    xNo:   Live Vertebrate Animals

q Yes    x  No:   Recombinant DNA Molecules Transgenic Plants or Animal, and/or Infectious Agents of Plants, Animals, or Humans

x Yes q  No:   Ionizing Radiation

q Yes    x  No:   Chemical Carcinogens

q Yes    x  No:   Scuba Diving, Free Diving

q Yes    x  No:   Small Boating Operations


If you are interested in applying for this position, you MUST complete the student application HERE and email it to Dr. Kevin Ahern at ahernk@onid.orst.edu

Do NOT email your application to the faculty mentor.