The Team

The Team

Fiona  Fermin

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Danielle Kohler

 Danielle Kohler (November 2013 - Present)


Danielle is a junior studying Marketing in the College of Business. She was born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington and looks forward to moving back to her hometown after college. In her free time, she loves to go to the gym, go for a run outdoors, watch TV, hang out with friends, and spend time baking and cooking. She also enjoys skiing at Washington’s local mountains when she is home visiting her family. She actively participates in Corvallis Young Life and recently volunteered at Malibu Young Life Camp in Canada. In her future she wants to find a job as a Sales Representative for a company in Seattle, Washington.

Fermín Martínez

Fermín Martínez (Ferbruary 2013-Present)


Fermín Martínez was born in Portland, Oregon, but raised in Beaverton, Oregon. He enjoys staying active whenever he can by jogging, playing tennis or badminton. He likes to sing as much as he can and is always up for an adventure. Fermín has a pet he has had for seven years that he cares about. Fermín hopes to earn his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and travel the world, specifically in South America and Spain. He regularly visits his family in México during the summer.

Fermín is a member as well as the Philanthropy Chair of the Delta Chi Fraternity at Oregon State University.

Fiona Bai

Fiona Bai (February 2013 - Present)

fionaFiona is a senior studying Marketing with a minor in Biology and an intended option in International Business. She was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Salem, OR. Her hobbies include traveling, snowboarding, piano, fashion, photography and social media. In the future, she hopes to find a career in fashion event marketing. On campus, she is part of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity as VP Administration. During the school year she loves to stay active by going to the gym, longboarding, hiking or her favorite sport, shopping.



Welcome to the official website for the ASOSU Office of Advocacy.

The Office of Advocacy provides advice and guidance to students who have a dispute within the university. In addition, the office serves as policy advisor and researcher to the ASOSU President and Vice-President. Furthermore, we seek to function as a problem solver for all 28,000+ students who are enrolled at OSU.

Please check here frequently for updated information and further resources to help you or other students overcome any obstacles that may hinder your academic success or fulfillment of collegiate goals.


Areas of Assistance

The Office of Advocacy assists students with academic and personal issues that involve a misunderstanding with the university or any of its administrative units. We handle disputes within a broad spectrum of issues.  If you have questions or concerns regarding an entity on campus, or an off-campus facility with close ties to OSU such as The Gem apartment complex, the ASOSU Office of Advocacy can help you to resolve the issue.

logoOur office is funded by student incidental fees. The Office of Advocacy strives to assist all currently enrolled individuals. However, the Office of Advocacy is unable to participate in disputes between students. Since all students pay incidental fees, we cannot help either student when their interests are in conflict. 


**The Office of Advocacy does not handle immigration, taxes, copyright, patent, small business or real estate issues.**

The following are some of the areas with which the Office of Advocacy assists:

If you are unsure whether your issue falls within the scope of the Office of Advocacy, please contact one of our student interns at 541-737-9200 for clarification.

About Us

The Office of Advocacy has worked with hundreds of students in a wide array of conflicts. Since 2000, the Office of Advocacy has served to empower and support students within the university. In addition to helping with conflicts, researching and providing general assistance to students, we work to support and further the best interest of students throughout the university. We encourage all students to contact our office with any questions or disputes that involve the university.

Frequently Asked Questions



Below are example scenarios for types of issues the Office of Advocacy handles. The matters below describe some, but not all, of the areas in which the Office of Advocacy may assist students. If you have questions regarding your issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at 541-737-9200 or send us an email at

The Office of Advocacy maintains strict client confidentiality. The following fact patterns are not taken directly from past or present clients. They represent a synthesis of many scenarios presented since the inception of the office. We do not offer answers in the FAQs because individual factors in each student’s issue will determine the best course of action.


Academic/ASOSU Advising

Scenario/Situation 1: I am a student at OSU and I would like to interview a professional who can advise me in the process of applying for Law school.

Scenario/Situation 2: I have been working on campus for a year now, and I recently got fired from my job without any notice. I feel that this is unfair and I would like to talk to someone about my situation.

Grade Appeal

Scenario/Situation 1:  I am on track to graduate from OSU and I have received a D- in one of my Math classes. I feel like I deserved a better grade and would like to appeal my D- but I don’t know where to begin.

Academic Dishonesty

Scenario/Situation 1: I was falsely accused of cheating from another student’s final exam in Anatomy and Physiology 331. I don’t want this to affect my grade, so how can I appeal this accusation?

Scenario/Situation 2: I am being accused of cheating during my Biology exam. The TA states that she saw me looking over at my friend’s exam, but there’s no proof. Can I still try to appeal this accusation?


Scenario/Situation 1: I am a student living in a Residence Hall and last weekend I received an MIP for drinking in my dorm. What are the consequences? Will I lose my financial aid?

Scenario/Situation 2: I am currently living in a Residence Hall and a couple of days ago my roommate was smoking weed. Oregon State Police smelled the marijuana and I got in trouble, even though I was not smoking. What’s the next step? I feel like I shouldn’t get in trouble for something I didn’t do.

Scenario/Situation 3: I am a freshman living in the residence halls and I don’t like the roommate I was assigned. I just want to break my contract with UHDS and to move out as soon as possible.


Scenario/Situation 1: I am an OSU student, currently paying out of state tuition. I have been attending OSU for a few years now and I applied for Oregon residency. I was denied residency so I would like to appeal for in-state tuition. Can you help?

Scenario/Situation 2: Someone on campus told me that I qualify for residency and that I should apply to get in-state tuition at OSU. Is this true? I need help beginning this process.

Oregon State Police/ Public Safety

Scenario/Situation 1: I am currently a full time student at OSU. I need help and guidance because I recently received a citation for theft at the OSU Bookstore. I am unsure of what can happen to me and how this will affect my academics.

Financial Aid

Scenario/Situation 1: I am a student at OSU and I am trying to register for classes but I can’t because I have not paid the amount owed on my account. I am worried because my time is running out to register for the classes I want and I don’t know what to do. Can the Office of Advocacy help me?

Scenario/Situation 2: I need help with a dispute with financial aid. The University has revoked my scholarship and I want to appeal. What steps should I take?

Student Conduct 

Scenario/Situation 1: I have a citation for student misconduct and I would like to appeal because I do not want it on my record. What are my options and is this possible?

Scenario/Situation 2: I have a student conduct hearing for academic dishonesty. I need help preparing for this hearing. Can the Office of Advocacy help me prepare?

Tuition, Fees, Business

Scenario/Situation 1: Last winter I received a failing grade for a required course for my major. I re-took it this year again and then the professor contacted me telling me that there had been a mistake, and that in fact I had received a passing grade for that course. I just spent my money on a course I didn’t have to take because of a grade book error. I would like to receive a refund for the class I had to retake. Can you help me with this?

Faculty Misconduct

Scenario/Situation 1: I feel like my student rights have been violated by one of my professors and I would like some help. It is affecting my academic progress in that class. I need guidance. Am I contacting the correct office?

Scenario/Situation 2: At the beginning of the term, I pre-arranged a make-up midterm with my professor because I was going to be absent for a surgery. When I came back to speak with the professor about my make-up exam, he refused to give me the exam. Our arrangement had no value to him and now I am faced with a failing grade because the professor was being unfair. What can I do to help my case?


Scenario/Situation 1: I am an INTO student and I have questions and concerns about my contract. I’m not a fluent English speaker and would like to bring someone with me to help translate/interpret. Can the Office of Advocacy help me?

Scenario/Situation 2:  The INTO program at OSU has placed me into a lower level course, but I feel that I should be in a higher course than assigned. Can I appeal this?

PROMISE Internship 2012: Claudia Mata

Summer PROMISE Internship at the ASOSU Office of Advocacy

by Claudia Mata

internshipMy experience at the ASOSU Office of Advocacy has been a good one, I can’t believe more than 2 months can pass by so quickly. What sparked my interest in this internship was that it focused on students and advocating for their student rights. I had been contemplating in going to Law School after graduating from OSU and thought this internship would be a great opportunity for me to get more insight on the field by exposing myself to a similar environment. No less did I believe Patricia Lacy would be a good resource and mentor for me based on her experience and education as a juris doctor. I was grateful that she considered me for this internship position and gave me the opportunity to be part of many learning experiences.

Throughout the internship I had the opportunity to sit in on appointments and take notes with Patricia Lacy and her student clients where she served as a policy advisor to those students that had a dispute within the university. I found this part very interesting and enjoyed following up on cases that initiated at the beginning of my internship. This also allowed me to familiarize myself with the school policies and procedures taken to resolve a dispute. Since the beginning I knew that a big part of this internship was confidentiality, in order to have the clients trust us to help them with their dispute it was important that each procedure taken to handle the case be done with discretion, never doing something the client wouldn’t consent to. In addition to helping with conflicts, researching and providing general assistance to students, I worked on other projects. One of the projects included giving a presentation at the 4-H International Camp to Hispanic/Latino High School students on Obama’s Deferred Action Immigration Policy. This was a way to practice community outreach to those students closely affected by this policy by informing them on what the policy is and what it is not so there is no misunderstanding and they could also inform others accurately. I also learned and did research on the differences of how law enforcement handles situations of Minor in Possession (MIP) and Marijuana possession by getting in contact with people that knew about local ordinances. I also got in contact with Financial Aid to determine whether these citations would affect getting financial aid. Other projects included being part of a resource video on the Office of Advocacy done by the Office of the Student Dean of Life, creating an ASOSU Constitutional and Statutory Timeline and being part of a service project at the Trilliums Children’s Home where the other interns of the office and I restored the landscape of the property.

I was delighted to have worked alongside Patricia Lacy and have been welcomed by the other interns in the office, Adriana Sandoval, Stephanie Castaño, and Haley Jones. I got the opportunity to collaborate with them on the creation of a new brochure for the office and a poster to promote the office to the new 2012 students in the resident halls.

I have learned so much throughout the internship being in the office and participating in the PROMISE events. I have worked on my communication skills by the flow of communication that the current interns already had where they stayed in constant communication with each other regarding different projects and the progress of each of their work. In the PROMISE events I have received information regarding graduate school, professional poster and portfolio creation, as well as ways on how to manage stress and exemplifying my strengths.  All this aspects of the internship are a great tool toward my future endeavors after finishing here at OSU.

I can’t thank enough all the support I have received from Patricia Lacy and the interns at the ASOSU Office of Advocacy. I will take with me many laughs, growing experiences, and friendships. One thing that this internship has allowed me to do is extend my network of people who have experience and knowledge on different aspects of the university from the ASOSU Executive Staff, Student Legal Services, University Ombuds, and other important affiliates that help support the Office of Advocacy in its goal to create equality between the student and the university.

Patricia Lacy, J.D.

Patricia Lacy, J.D.

patriciaPatricia Lacy was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. She attended Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia, where she majored in philosophy and theology.  During the course of her studies at Mary Baldwin, Patricia did a study abroad at Oxford University in England. After attaining her undergraduate degree, Patricia attended graduate school at Yale University, further pursuing studies in philosophy and theology. Upon completing her studies at Yale, she took a 20-year break from attending school to pursue business interests.

Patricia has worked across a broad spectrum of business ventures. After Yale, she lived and worked in Anchorage, Alaska. She returned to Virginia where she owned and managed investment rental properties. In addition she had an antique business, specializing in pre-Victorian furniture, quilts and baskets. Before coming to Oregon Patricia worked as the Director of Education at a non-profit organization in Wytheville, Virginia.

In August 1994, she entered University of Oregon School of Law, to pursue her Juris Doctorate. She graduated in 1997, and has since completed a judicial clerkship with the Honorable Lyle Velure of the Lane County Circuit Court. She worked briefly in a law firm in Lebanon, prior to arriving at Oregon State University in October 2000. 

Currently, Patricia works for the students of Oregon State University in the ASOSU Office of Advocacy.  She works to uphold the best interests of students during times of dispute or misunderstanding with the university or any of its administrative units.  The Office of Advocacy assists students in the following areas: ASOSU advising, academic dishonesty, campus OSP & Public Safety, faculty misconduct, financial aid, grade appeals, INTO OSU, parking, residency appeals, student conduct, student health insurance, student accounts, and University Housing & Dining Services. In addition to working to resolve disputes, Patricia also works with students to enrich and strengthen their educational experience.  She meets with students interested in attending law school and speaks to student organizations. She offers trainings on the issues of supervising peers and resolving conflict. Advising students and fellow ASOSU staff members as they work on projects and assignments is another critical aspect of Patricia’s job.

Patricia is the mother of three grown children. Her daughter has graduated from college and taught English overseas in Japan. She is now married to an OSU professor and is the mother of Patricia's only grandchild. The older of her two sons recently graduated from the  University of Oregon, with a major in Environmental Studies. He has a landscaping and design business. Her younger son is currently completing two years with the Japanese Exchange Teaching Program in Shibushi, Japan. Patricia has been married to Norman Carlson for twelve years.

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