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Sandra Brooke

Assistant Professor of Fine Art, Sandra Brooke

Sandra Brook
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts

541-322-3100 / Cascade Campus /

Research Interests
My focus and direction in painting today is built from combined images and mixed media. I combine oil paint, oil stick, wax, images, crayon, acrylics, watercolor, gouache, Conté pencils, lead, and charcoal. For 2007 and 2008 I concentrated on a series called The Temples of Hera. My research revealed two Doric Temples from 500 B.C. that had been built in Paestum, Italy, by the Greeks.  Undiscovered until 1748, they were undisturbed. I used the images of the columns, people in the murals, walls from a mausoleum and a swimming pool to construct the composition of the painting.

In 2009, I am working with recently discovered Buddhist Caves on the Gobi desert where monks carved a place to meditate out of a sandstone wall and painted symbols on the walls. The caves are in danger of vanishing from the intense winds of the Gobi desert. This work is on my website

The first two of the three books I’ve written were aimed at teachers in the elementary schools who had little or no background in art and wanted to teach art lessons. Hooked on Drawing was followed by Hooked on Painting, both published by Prentice Hall/Pearson Education. The books were designed with one lesson to study at a time.

In 2003, I finished the 2nd edition of Drawing as Expression, Techniques and Concepts. It is a drawing textbook designed to help first-year coolege students understand both the language of drawing and the process of critical thinking. The exercises in this book push the students in developing a strong decision-making process.

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Assistant Professor of Fine Art, Sandra BrookeAssistant Professor of Fine Art, Sandra BrookeAssistant Professor of Fine Art, Sandra Brooke

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