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Foundations: Curriculum

Art Core Curriculum (40)
ART 100. Art Orientation (1)
ART 101. *Intro to the Visual Arts (4)
ART 115. Foundations: 2-D (4)
ART 117. Foundations: 3-D (4)
ART 120. Foundations: Digital Imaging (3)
ART 121. Foundations: Computers in Visual Arts (3)
ART 122. Foundations: 4-D (4) 
ART 131. Foundations: Drawing (4)
ART 204, ART 205, ART 206. *Intro to Art History-Western (3,3,3)
ART 261 Photography I or ART 263 Digital Photography (4)

Note: The core curriculum studio courses must be completed before taking upper-division art courses for a major program. In addition, it is strongly suggested that students take HST 101, HST 102, and HST 103, History of Western Civilization, prior to taking ART 204, ART 205, and ART 206. Art majors may not elect to take required art courses on an S/U graded basis.

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