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Academic Programs: Fine Arts


Drawing is a tool common to all artists. Learning to draw means learning to make discerning judgments. Eye-hand coordination must be carefully developed. The Drawing studio curriculum is structured to encourage a high level of drawing proficiency among students in every area of study.

Painting courses offer work in techniques and processes that provide the means and motivation to develop individual expression. The generous and varied curriculum is supported by faculty with a wide range of aesthetic attitudes. This insures that students will encounter many points of view and painting approaches. Critiques offer an important forum for participation and exchanging views. Seniors develop individual directions under faculty guidance. Courses in both oil and water media are offered at the sophomore, junior and senior levels. 

In the rich and varied printmaking program, technical development and the evolvement of personal visual imagery are emphasized. The curriculum permits thorough exploration of lithographic, relief, intaglio and monotype processes at junior and senior levels. Equipment includes two large intaglio presses (French tool and Whelan), Takach lithography press and a large letter press for relief printing. Other facilities include darkroom, up-graded ventilated acid room, large sink for litho stone grinding and a spray booth. 

The Printmaking program also supports the Cascade Print Exchange. Artists participating in this exchange submit fifteen 5" x 7" prints. In return, each artist receives 13 prints randomly chosen from prints submitted by other artists. This print exhibit will available for tour to other venues after March 2005. If you're interested in hosting this show, please contact Yuji Hiratsuka (Fine Arts faculty).

First term sculpture students are grounded in the basic media experiences of Subtractive (carving), Indirect (clay modeling) and Additive (fabrication from a variety of materials). Advanced students are encouraged to develop a personal aesthetic while exploring a range of media and techniques. These include oxy/acetylene, TIG and MIG welding, lost wax and resin sand investing, bronze and aluminum casting as well as stone and wood carving. The sculpture facility is a 2,600 square foot complex that houses a classroom, 4 dedicated studios and a foundry. 

Photography is one of the most versatile forms of expression. The photography program at OSU stresses the uniqueness of each individual student and encourages exploration in all aspects of the medium. Reflecting this, the curriculum in photography includes a variety of courses which provide a thorough background in aesthetic, technical, historical, and contemporary issues. 

Areas that are open to group and individual investigation over the course of the student's program include the zone system, non-silver processes, color photography, non-traditional image-making and printing techniques, documentary photography, photographic illustration, and electronic photography. 

The facilities include several general purpose darkrooms, specialized advanced-student darkrooms, and studios with professional lighting equipment. Equipment is available for hand-coated printing, large-format printing, and electronic photography. 

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