2015 Army ROTC Commissioning
Friday, June 12th, 1-3pm
McAlexander Fieldhouse
1800 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Ranger Challenge 2014
Joint FTX (Winter 2014) Video #1
Joint FTX (Winter 2014) Video #2

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.
-Norman Schwarzkopf

College to Commissioning:

MS I/II: Freshman/Sophomore Year

-Army Values, Warrior Ethos, Foundation of Leadership
-Personal Development and Problem Solving

-Officership and the Army Profession
-Physical Fitness, Map Reading, Land Navigation, Basic Tactics, Terrain Analysis
-Squad Level Leadership

Classes to register for:

MS 130 - Army Physical Fitness - Every Term
MS 111 - Introduction to Army Leadership and ROTC - Fall Term (1)
MS 112 - Introduction to Basic Military Skills - Winter Term (1)
MS 113 - Land Navigation - Spring Term (1)
MS 130 - Army Physical Fitness - Every Term
MS 211 - Foundations of Leadership - Fall Term (1)
MS 212 - Fundamentals of Leadership - Winter Term (1)
MS 213 - Fundamentals of Military Operations - Spring Term (1)

-No Military Commitment is required during the first 2 years.

-Competitive slots are available during the summer for participation in exciting additional training such as Air Assualt School, Airborne School, Moutain Warfare Training, CULP (Cultural Understanding and Language Proficieny Program) and Project GO (Foreign Language Training)

Fitness Involves passing the Army APFT:

-2 Minutes of Pushups
-2 Minutes of Situps
-2 Mile Run
--See Passing Standards Here

College Sophomore or Junior?
Graduate Student?

You can still join ROTC by attending Leaders Training Course (LTC), only 28 days during the Summer.
Space is limited - See video below:

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MS III: Junior Year

-Adaptive Team Leadership
-Personal Development - Effective Communications, Stress Management
-Army Values and Ethic, Risk Management
-Advanced map reading, intelligence preparation of the battlefield, troop leading procedures, squad tactics

Classes to register for:

MS 130 - Army Physical Fitness - Every Term
MS 311 - Leadership and Management of the Military - Fall Term (3)
MS 312 - Leadership and Management of the Military - Winter Term (3)
MS 313 - Leadership and Management of the Military - Spring Term (3)

During the summer after your MS III year, every cadet attends LDAC, Leadership Development and Assessment Course. Here you are in depth field leadership with cadets from across the country.

MS IV: Senior Year

-Developmental and Adaptive Leadership, Mentoring
-Military Professional Ethics, Ethical Decision-making, Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement, Cultural Awareness
-Training, Risk Management Process, Counseling, Evaluation Reports, Career Management
-Military Decision-making Process, Organization for Combat, Supply and Logistics, Military History

Classes to register for:

MS 130 - Army Physical Fitness - Every Term
MS 411 - Adaptive Leadership - Fall Term (3)
MS 412 - Preparation for Officership - Winter Term (3)
MS 413 - Preparation for Officership - Spring Term (3)

OSU Army ROTC Beaver Bn Cadet Guide (2015):


OSU Cadet Standards Book (SY 2015):