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Retention, Development, and Success


Research indicates that the retention of non-traditional students increases with connecting and feelings of belonging and they believe they are important to the university.
As Asian & Pacific Islanders are collectivist cultures, wherein relationships are prime, APIA*SS facilitate connections with the students familes and community.


APIA*SS programs include enhancing ongoing orientation and transition, distributing information (e.g newsletters) regarding educational programs, academic and career opportunities, cultural events, scholarships, and internships, etc. Providing outreach and programs for students at different class levels to:

a) Facilitate their seeking appropriate assistance when encountering difficulties and needing support for academic, career and professional advancement, skill development and
b) Enhance student involvement in university activities and connection to the Beaver Ohana/Family,
c) Facilitate increased student participation in various aspects of campus life (clubs and organizations; athletic events and recreation; various student affairs and campus programs). 

We also promote, intentional collaboration between offices and departments to provide parents and families with information, resources, and services to facilitate student success.


A)Hawaii Night
B)Hawaii START in Honolulu, Hawaii
C) ISS Multicultural Connect/APA, APA Connect,Hawaii & Pacific Islander Aloha Reception, Hui O Hawaii Welcome Barbecue
D) Big Braddah Big Sistah Orientation and Mentoring Program
E)Faculty in BEST: Bridge to Encourage Successful Transition of Student Athlete: ALS Class
F) APIA Student Services Newsletter
G) Writing letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school, internships
H) APA Council year long programming