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APIA*SS build relationships and partnerships with statewide, out of state and international Asian and Pacific Islander communties, agencies, and non-governmental organizations, P-12 schools, and community colleges to address the educational, economic, social issues and needs of our communities.

Access: We organize and collaborate with campus community units and student organizations such as the APIA Council to develope access programs for communities and schools. We welcome elementary, middle, and high school students and their families from the state of Oregon, other states, and international countries in their communities and to our Corvallis campus at OSU.

This is an opportunity for learning about higher education, familiarizing them with the OSU campus, admissions, financial aid, academic departments/majors, housing resources, and support services.

OREGON Partners: Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO): Advisory Board, Immigrant and Refugee Communities of Oregon, Asian Family Center, Pacific Islander Students Alliance, Middle and High Schools, Community Colleges, Portland Burmese Community, HMONG American Community of Oregon, Lo-Pha Society, Boys & Girls Club, Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility, MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility
        Relationships with APANO have resulted in OSU Students learning how to advocate with state legislature on APIA concerns and internship and job opportunities
CORVALLIS: Sustainability Coalition, County Alliance for Diversity, Boys & Girls Club
HAWAII Partners: High Schools and Community Colleges
INTERNATIONAL Partners: Okinawa International University.

Honorary Degrees Awarded to WWII Japanese American Students

APIA*SS and the Japanese American Students Association (JASA) collaborated with the Registrar's Office and LaSelles Stewart to honor and confirm honorary degrees at the 139th commencement ceremony
APIA*SS and JASA located former students who had attended OSU and were asked to leave.