Opportunities in Air Force ROTC

By Cadet Gager

Due to on-going budget cuts within the Department of Defense, the Air Force is currently offering future officers who are preparing to graduate from the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program (AFROTC) in 2014 an opportunity to walk away from their future service commitments. This agreement allows the cadet to walk away without having to repay their scholarship or monthly stipends. Recent graduates who are currently in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) may also be eligible for a release from their service commitment.

Those whose career fields fall into one of the following may apply for early release between January 6 – 24: 13M Airfield Operations, 13N Nuclear and Missile Operations, 14N Intelligence, 17D Cyber Operations, 21A Aircraft Maintenance, 21M Munitions and Missile Maintenance, 21R Logistics Readiness, 31P Security Forces, 35P Public Affairs, 38P Personnel, 63A Acquisitions, and 64P Contracting.

Those who opt for this release program will stop receiving their monthly stipend March 1. Also, current officers in these fields are being encouraged to find positions in the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve. Those interested, are encouraged to contact their detachment for eligibility and application information. Applicants will be informed of their request status. AFROTC cadets whose applications are approved will be unenrolled from AFROTC by February 28 without any financial obligation. Those who have already commissioned and are currently in the Air Force Individual Ready Reserve will need to contact the Air Force Personnel Center Accessions Office. The decision to offer cadets set to commission in 2014 this opportunity was made to minimize the effect of budget cuts to the ROTC programs. However, it is not the only change that will be occurring. According to the Chief of Officer Accessions and Training, Lt. Col Jonelle Eychner, “The decision to offer voluntary release from ROTC-incurred commitments is part of the effort to align our policies and programs to a future force that is projected to be smaller and leaner. We have also reduced officer training school, where possible, to ease the impact on ROTC. But we can’t cut any deeper into OTS production without harming our ability to fill specific technical career fields.”