Welcome back Flying Beaver Alumni!

We here at Detachment 685 hope you have achieved everything you have hoped to in the United States Air Force as an officer and are glad that you're looking us up once again. We would like to hear from you or have you come visit. Also, take a moment to read our most recent articles.

Alumni Group| Mission

The mission of the Oregon State University AFROTC Detachment 685 Alumni Group is to develop a cohesive group of liaisons between the Corps of Cadets and Corps of Alumni through a dynamic network of relationships that are built on respect, involvement, and growth.

Alumni Group| Goals

The goals of the Oregon State University AFROTC Detachment 685 Alumni Group are threefold. The first goal is for every Det. 685 alumni to become an active towards the advancement of the Cadet Wing and its network. The second goal is to meaningfully involve the alumni into the Det. 685 community by encouraging them to participate in events, programs, and donations. The third goal is to inform members about the program's missions and achievements. All goals are meant to complement those of OSU and the OSU Alumni Association.

Alumni Group| Why Join?

The Oregon State University AFROTC Detachment 685 Alumni Group allows for its members to be a part of the Detachment's community. As a member, you will receive information on the Cadet Wing, cadet performances such as scholarships and special honors, as well as keep up with ties and relationships made while at Detachment 685.

If you would like to stay up to date on the cadets and news at Det. 685, then please give us your contact information on the "Sign Up" page. Once you have signed up, you will then be able to get newsletters about the Cadet Wing, you will be able to give back with your time or donations, and you will be able to network with your classmates, other alumni, and future officers of the United States Air Force. Show your loyalty to AFROTC Det. 685 and sign up today!

Give us a SITREP!
Let us know what you have been up to since commissioning and how you have aspired further. Send us letters, photos, videos, war stories, anything from what you have been doing as an officer that isn't classified.

Give us your Patch!
If you send in your patch, we'll display it on the wall in the hallway or one of the classrooms for all to see! Make your mark on the walls of Det 685.

Come Visit the Detachment!
Come back to your Alma Mater and visit with old friends and mentors, even talk with the new cadets.

Whatever you want to do, we would like to hear from you and how Det 685 and the Air Force helped you achieve your goals. Use the contact page to get in touch with us.

Contact Information

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