Curriculum Council

MINUTES - #01.02.11

Thursday, April 25, 2002




M. Quinn Chair, Computer Science

C. Boyer Horticulture

I. Delson Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences

J. Drexler Business

L. Flick Science and Math Education

L. Friedman -- Public Health

K. Higgins Education

T. Dick Mathematics

N. Scott Crop and Soil Science

M. Rhodes -- Registrars





M. Abbott Academic Programs

W. Loveland Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, Liaison


I.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from April 18th were approved.


II.              REPORT FROM ACADEMIC AFFAIRS There was no report from Academic Affairs due to B. Burton's absence.


III.            NEW BUSINESS


Category I Reorganization - The discussion of reorganization/restructuring policy and procedures was postponed.


IV.            OLD BUSINESS


Graduate School Audit of Slash (4XX/5XX) Courses Based on the Council's discussion last meeting, M. Quinn drafted two statements in response to the Graduate School's proposal on slash (4xx/5xx) courses.


After three amendments were offered and approved, the Council unanimously approved the first statement:


"In order to help Oregon State University ensure that students in 5XY sections of 'slash' courses are getting a genuine graduate-level learning experience, all future Category II proposals to create or change slash courses must clearly articulate the graduate-level learning objectives/outcomes expected of students registered for the 5XY version of the course. This requirement is in addition to the criteria already listed in the Curricular Procedures Handbook."


The second statement was a proposed endorsement of Dean Francis' suggestion that all current slash courses be reviewed. The Council discussed the wording and the necessity of the policy. Concerns arose over whether the quality of the graduate experience in slash courses is a pervasive problem or if it is confined to a few specific departments. The Graduate School seems to feel the problem is widespread and is prepared to address it with extensive measures. However, the Council feels that slash courses in many departments may be delivering the appropriate graduate-level experience and is reluctant to support a campus-wide audit of these courses if it isn't necessary. The Council decided to table or drop the statement and have a conversation with Dean Francis instead.



NEXT MEETING: May 9th, 1:15-3:00pm, MU Board Room