Bull Trout
            NE Studies
            Hood River
            Upper Klamath
       Redband Trout
            Great Basin
            Klamath Basin
            Blitzen River
            Malheur River
       Cutthroat Trout
            Miller Lake
       Oregon Chub
       Sand Roller
       Tui Chub
       Speckled Dace
       Borax Chub
       Warner Sucker
       Goose Lake Fishes







The Native Fish Investigations Project is located at:

ODFW Corvallis Research Lab
28655 Hwy 34
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
PHONE: (541) 757 - 4263
(please refer to the table for direct numbers)
FAX: (541) 757 - 4102


Name Position Emphasis Phone Email
Shaun Clements Project Leader Administration & Native Fish 541-757-5106
Paul Scheerer Assistant Project Leader Oregon Chub, Warner Sucker & Non-Game Fishes 541-757-5147
Steve Starcevich Assistant Project Leader Hood River Bull Trout, Klamath Redband Trout, & Pacific Lamprey 541-757-5144
Michael Meeuwig Assistant Project Leader SE Oregon Redband Trout, & Lahontan Cutthroat Trout 541-223-1576
Brian Bangs Project Biologist Oregon Chub 541-757-5142
Kyle Bratcher Project Biologist SE Oregon and Klamath Redband Trout, & Lahontan Cutthroat Trout 541-231-1805


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