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Great Basin Redband Trout

Warner Lakes Redband Trout; Chewaucan River Basin

In 2005 ODFW reviewed the status of all redband trout populations in the Oregon portion of the Great Basin. Authors of the Native Fish Status Review identified numerous data gaps that prevented a thorough review of population status and trend. In many cases the assessment was based on one year of data or speculation.

Watersheds of the Great Basin Prompted by the need for a consistent and continuous dataset The Native Fish Investigations Project initiated a 6-year pilot study to assess population status of redband trout. Using the Generalize Random Tessellation Stratified design redband trout abundance in all 6 interior basins will be assessed every year, starting the summer of 2007. In addition all populations will be assessed twice (at 3-year intervals) during the course of the study. The results of the study will allow ODFW to:

  • Thoroughly assess population status and trend;
  • Provide appropriate management to ensure future fishing opportunities;
  • Write effective conservation plans; and
  • Assess response of fish populations to changes in climatic conditions.


Population Level Sampling Results:

Goose and Warner SMU - 2007 & 2010

Malheur SMU - 2008 & 2011

Annual Results:

2007 Summary
2008 Summary
2009 Summary
2010 Summary
2011 Summary

Relevant Information:

Project Overview (PowerPoint presentation)

Miller, S.A., S.E. Jacobs, S.L. Gunckel, and S. Richardson. 2010. Evaluation of a sampling approach to monitor the status of Great Basin redband trout in Southeastern Oregon. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Information Report 2010-02, Corvallis.

ODFW Oregon Native Fish Status Report (2005)

Dambacher, J.M., K.K. Jones and H.W. Li. 2001. The distribution and abundance of Great Basin redband trout: an application of variable probability sampling in a 1999 status review. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Information Reports 2001-08, Portland.


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