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Upcoming Events

Blueberry Pruning Workshops in English and Spanish

These workshops will give students hands-on experience pruning a variety of blueberry cultivars.  Both workshops will be held December 14th at the NWREC.  The English version of the class will run from 9am-12pm, and the Spanish version will be offered from 1:30pm-4:30pm.  Details on these workshops will be posted soon!

Blueberry Nutrition Workshop

This workshop will cover how to keep your blueberries healthy with proper nutrient management.  The class will take place from 9am-12pm on December 7th at the NWREC.  Details to follow. 

Additional Sources of Information

Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network offers information for growing a wide variety of small fruits crops.  Special events and workshops held in the Pacific Northwest are also posted to this website.

Oregon State University's Spotted Wing Drosophila webpage offers a wealth of information about this insect, as well as research updates and various management practices.

The University of California's IPM webpage has plenty of information available about SWD and management practices.


Spotted Wing Drosophiila in Blueberries - 2013 Findings

2013 Western Region Blueberry Pesticide Decline Evaluations

Leaf Bioassays, Foliar Residues and Tolerances on Marketable Blueberries

Noncrop Host Plants of Spotted Wing Drosophila in North America


Program Contacts

  • Heather Andrews, Bio Science Research Technician 3—Yang Berry Crops Program