Small Farms

Metro Area Small Farms Program

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Past Events

Culinary Breeding Network Variety Showcase

An evening for PNW seed growers, farmers, plant breeders and chefs to see, taste and discuss new regional varieites and breeding lines.

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Specialty beets from NWREC variety trialLeaf celery from NWREC variety trialMild habanero peppers from NWREC variety trial

Specialty Vegetable Variety Showcase Field Day

A day for breeders, growers, chefs and eaters to come together to view and discuss varieties of: 

Small Farm School

Sharpening tools with a grinder at Small Farm School

Small Farm School is a full day event with hands on and classroom workshops for beginning farmer and small acreage rural landowners. Join us the first Saturday of September at Clackamas Community College.

Field and classroom workshops include pig and poultry management, fruit and vegetable production, soil management, tractor safety and operation, on farm veterinary care and much more.

Soil Workshops for Small Farms

These workshops are intended for farmers looking to understand more about soils. The first day will cover topics on soil types and textures, how to take and interpret a soil test and cover the basics of nutrient and cover crop management. The second (advanced) day is intended for those that already have a basic understanding of soils and nutrient management. Topics covered on the second day include soil structure and water relations, nitrogen management and testing, cover crop calculator, identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms.

Adult Tractor Safety and Operation

North Willamette Horticulture Society Meetings


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